Confirmed: adidas Futurecraft 4D Release Date

adidas futurecraft 4d

Good luck!

adidas Running confirmed the Futurecraft 4D is releasing very soon.

A press release was sent out this morning regarding the official Futurecraft 4D launch. The shoe will release in the NYC area at adidas Consortium retailers Kith, SNS, and Packer January 18.

Although the press release didn’t include pricing info, word is the price tag is $300.

Do you want a pair?

adidas Futurecraft 4D Release Date

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  • DJR
  • Lmaoo. Hell naw this release is so limited or not feeling them?

  • DJR

    Not really feeling them and that price is too high.

  • Ahhh ok. Got ya!

  • aSh

    Want em… But I have a better chance of turning water into wine than getting these fuckers…

  • C Brown

    much like the Vapormax…why do we NEED these?

  • Thad Greer

    Strictly for the beasts and collectors. I’ll happily stick with boosted pairs.

  • 1. Depending on the angles of the 4D woven material one may get more energy return than BOOST. I have not looked at the shoes technical details at all so won’t even venture into verifying or denying that. Just saying, based on the design of the pattern. It’s not random, we all know that.

    2. product innovation, even if a failure can sometimes lead to new and unexpected product lines. Post It Notes were an accident a scientist at Scotch tape created. How useful are those?

    3. Nike needed the Vapormax and Zoom Fly as answers to the Adidas BOOST phenomenon. They to also needed to further their product innovation and to them that much more air was the answer.

  • I want them to personally put the tech to the test and I’m also very curious to know how they hold up after about 50-150 miles on them. Beyond that (testing/curiosity), it’s surely not something I need, that price tag is a little beastish and I already got too many Adidas pieces that look close to the upper. Too many.

  • C Brown

    1. Futurecraft are already in the wild…if they were a proven racer…not only would they be marketed that way, you would know it or at least heard about it by now…
    2. Not sure how that’s relevant…Post it notes arent $300 and require sleeping in the street to obtain…
    3. Apples to Oranges homie…Zoom Fly’s are not in the same category as Vapormax nor Boost….Zoom Fly…actually Vapor Fly are marketed to Runners….Zoom Fly is marketed to the training of runners as the VF only clock in 150 miles before you are supposed to move on and trash them (NUTS at $250 retail)…As comfortable as Boost is I would never run in them…There are a few lines that Adidas discontinued such as the glide boost that are awesome….but these kids dont care about that…all they want is boost which is a shame cause Adidas was making incredible running shoes…Adidas does not have an answer for VF nor by extension ZF right now…period…no one does….If you are a runner these shoes almost instantly boost your performance with the energy return…period….Now…Since the winners of the last three marathons all had on VaporFlys if Adidas was marketing these to runners….TRUST ME…you would have heard about it….

    These are all about marketing…its the first 4D shoe made in the world (to my knowledge anyway) which is the future…If Adidas gets this right they will change how shoes are made, marketed, and ultimately delivered to market….

    But much like a any other product made with a 4D printer….why do I NEED it??

  • Beyond valid points, especially on how the shoes are marketed and what consumers expect.

    In terms of your original question, you/we don’t need these if we can’t see a clear benefit in our lives.