Converse Wade 3 – Grey/ Black/ Varsity Red

Converse Wade 3

The black/white/red Wade 3 just dropped on November 1st. On Monday we reported on the first colorway of Dwyane Wade’s third signature shoe. The next colorway will feature a mixture of grey, black and varsity red. They are set to release on December 10th exclusively at Finishline. Retail, $100. via GilsonKY (NT)

More pics after the jump…

Converse Wade 3

Converse Wade 3

Converse Wade 3

Converse Wade 3

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  • wild_bill

    CLEAN !!!!!

  • nikehead

    im really liking these but maybe in diff. colors…the way the colors aregoing in strripes on the side kinda resemble am95’s to me

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  • kidmagnifacent

    not feelin em

  • mason rosser

    they hot

  • garbage

  • s1xt6en

    Im only a Prada and Nike fan but the verses are kinda crazy!

  • Rich Yung

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who thought these look like “High Top” AM95.

  • ^LOL, what up Rich

    This color got pretty good feedback. Shocked me!

  • Yuck…those things couldn’t even be accepted as cleats.

  • Vic

    Idk right now…I like the design
    of the shoe…that looks fresh…the color
    is straight…I %^cks wit the colorway
    right now…but the shoe kinda looks big & heavy for some
    reason to me…or is it just me.

  • Hodges

    These are looking nice and plus they are very comfortable! I will buy me a pair in the next couple of days…I will use them for a while then just take them to play ball because they are a great performance sneaker!