Cool Grey Air Jordan 11 Comparison

Better late than never, right? Sneaker Dave just dropped off his Cool Grey Air Jordan 11 comparison video. Most of you have your Cool Grey 11’s by now, but maybe you still don’t know the differences between the 2001 and 2010 pair. Waste no time, and check out the video after the jump.

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  • J

    personally i like the 2010s but that’s just me


  • LoL on the outtakes! I like the lower cut patent on the 2010’s! Fatter laces on the 2001’s would’ve been nice this time around. See ya in 2011 SneakerDave and keep the comparison vids coming!

  • GOtem and lovem

  • J Flo

    Was deff gonna compare my 2001s once i got my 2010s in i honestly like the cut of the older retros, the whole shape on the newer 11s is just off hopefully it isnt too bad with these

  • reykjavik

    the 2001 cool greys & the 2010 cool greys both fail/fall in comparison to the air jordan silver anniversary 11s & the 2009 space jams
    & i got the cool greys but i just fell into the hype of the season they just something new to wear now
    but i know something thats killing all of them & ain’t even out yet……
    the air jordan retro 11 concords
    it all begins again in december 2011……

  • $matt

    They’ll eventually yellow…. And blue+yellow = green ….. Let’s wait a few years and see what happens…. I don think jb thought that through when they decided to blue tint soles

  • @ $matt…lol…right..

  • Miloso

    I didnt have the 01s but from the video I like the 10s betta. I have em n they are real good quality.

  • Latinsole505


  • AU Kid

    @RCH89 only time will tell, its too early for them to turn yellow.
    I think they should have did a grey tint instead of the blue but I have no complaints.
    does anybody know if the carbon fiber plate is actually carbon fiber? or is it just plastic?

  • J Dizzle

    Props for the vid.. i think the differences were major.

  • Eric

    I was wondering the same thing as AU KID in that if the carbon fiber plate is actually carbon fiber on the 2010 cool greys.

  • gotta pair and cant take my eyes off.

  • I don’t think the ’10s are as comfy as the ’01s….just my theory, but I’m satisfied wit my blue tint Cool Greys. 😛

  • Tennessey

    I really don’t see what the hype is over the Concords…… But that’s just me…

  • walwezzy

    i havent got my CG 11s yet from chumps i mean champs… but im really excited…
    i been hearing a lot of hate but also a lot of positve so i gotta wait till they come…

  • glad i passed.
    went wit da preheats instead.
    did i mention am glad i passed, lol.

  • Cosino

    ^^^ and we are glad u passed UniteUs, which means less sneakerheadz to compete with..if you are a sneakerhead…

  • got both pair but I honestly like the shape of the 2010 CG 11 better than the 2001. 11s were always a little wider than most Jordans. That blue sole sets the shoe off nice…yellowing…most likely…but hey, just like it is every year…TODAY, they look NICE.

  • FLiP

    people were saying how the quality was crap but i skipped so I cant tell. are they anything like 01s? I might try to scoop em up for a decent price.

  • ***Cosino, no doubt fam,,,feel da same way bout other releases, ha!
    am fortunate i don’t have trouble gettin my hands on wut i like.

    hope every1 dat wanted a pair, scored em!

  • qnzman989

    @flip, idk about the 01 version but I did get the 08 breds and the 09 space jams and the 10 cool greys are much more comfortable than both of those imo. If jb keeps improving the quality of the XIs I cant wait to see how the concords are gonna feel.

  • JsOnFeet

    Great Vid SneakerDave, I compared both the 2001s and the 2010s as soon as I got home that day. They both look good in their own different ways but I gotta go with the 01s man they were my 1st XIs I ever doubled up on.

  • anthony

    2001 cool grey 11’s waaaaaaay better too me the cut of the patent leather makes the shoe, and they failed wit the 2010 version as well as the cdp 11’s and 09 space jams….smdh how can u mess up the best shoe from the jordan line like that jb

  • Supreme13z

    I don’t have the ’01 CGs to compare but I do have the OG Space Jams and the quality on the CG ’10 is on point. The laces are fat compared to the 08 Breds and 09 Space Jams. Maybe not as fat as the OG XIs but I close enough. 🙂 Also, yes those are carbon fiber plates and are not fake. It is poor quality though but it’s the real deal. Trust me, I know bc my bike has some carbon fiber parts on them.

  • orinair

    of course they are carbon fiber wth haha, and i didnt get them i just didnt like them and i hated how hald of them people bought them just to resell them for the double price. people that really wanted them didnt really get them,,smh!

  • bunz

    too early to yellow? nah i worn my maybe 4 times already and its yellowing already