Cool Grey Air Jordan 11 Low

Cool Grey Air Jordan 11 Low…

cool grey air jordan 11 low

A classic mid colorway gets low top treatment.

I remember when the Cool Grey Air Jordan 11 dropped. I was a senior in high school and I left school early on a Friday afternoon to get a pair early.

My friend at the time (what up, Slow) had a cousin who worked at Athlete’s Foot. The plan was to buy a pair before they dropped on Saturday. Slow got his pair but my size wasn’t available.

The demand was extremely high for Cool Grey 11s when they first dropped. I remember hearing stories about people getting jumped and robbed. That was shocking because that type of behavior had died down by early 2000.

Anyhow, I didn’t end up getting a pair until the 2010 re-release. If you remember, TSG hosted its 4th Anniversary party at Nike Lenox and released Cool Grey 11s at midnight.

Fast forward to 2018. Jordan Brand is releasing a Cool Grey Jordan 11 for the first time. The release date is April 28 and retail price is $175.

Are you going to buy a pair or is this drop unnecessary?

Cool Grey Air Jordan 11 Low

Style Code: 528895-003

cool grey air jordan 11 low

cool grey air jordan 11 low

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  • Nate oNe

    Lows are for hoes, son!

  • Han Lee

    I think my 2010 pair are still crisp enough and not yellow enough at the bottom… so pass…

  • theloverswineverytime


  • javi


  • Oliver Wilkins

    Yeah, I’m rocking with them. I hope an easy cop.

  • Executive chemical

    Damn, I totally forgot about athletes foot!

  • DJR

    Jordan Brand ain’t tricking me. I’ll wait for the highs to release sometime in the near future.

  • sharpie

    “Give it to me baby!” Rick James voice

  • SuedeCondoms

    Yea G-roc i remember when they first dropped.
    Before the first release of the cool grey 11s, Jordan’s always came out on tuesdays or Wednesday’s. I’d skip school and go to the mall.
    There’d only be like 8 people in line.
    Cop the kicks, then show up to school at 3rd period.
    Purposely walking into the class with only 10 mins left just to show people lol.

    But The cool grey was the first release that was hard to get because 100’s of people showed up to get them.
    They were the first joints that I missed and in my opinion was the beginning of what changed the game to where it is today.