The Daily Photos 1.10.17


OK, last one from yesterday’s MJM.

Air Jordan 6 – @hissoleness


The constant struggle between fresh and work fresh.

Nike Air Force 1 – @sk8thegr8


Been on a Pippen highlight bender. Dude was so nice.

Nike Air More Uptempo – @dansweatpants


How about a little One Cent Tuesday?

Nike Foamposite One – @teehdeeh


Ahhhhhhhhhh. Mixed feelings. I credit these for the modern day hype machine.

Nike LeBron 8 – @ricflair79



Nike Air Force 1 – @afrokix

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  • YallStillMad LeBron’Em Won

    Lol….Couldn’t completely detox yourself from posting a pic of the wheat forces, huh. I’ll take the lunar on the left.
    Dude made a total mockery of them Up-T’s in that pick.
    PB Af-1s & Brons…..KOCAINE!!

  • Executive aka Dark Wolf

    Goooooddamn I’m still kicking my stupid ass self for not copping those af1 baby blues for $64!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Top fail of last year for me.

  • Executive aka Dark Wolf

    I know a place that actually still have the wheat forces in probably a full size run.

  • Executive aka Dark Wolf

    Those lunar wing tips joints been on my list for a minute, Cole Haans are crack.

  • javi

    Relax hype.. Its only shoes smfh

  • University Blue Forces look great!

  • Dior Brown

    I needs those South Beach Lebrons..I’ve been wanting those since high school!! Them University Blue forces clean tho..

  • Ray.

    Those baby blue uptowns stole the show!
    That meticulous lacing is the truth..

  • curt diggler

    resale is tough but them foams are ugly as hell…lol

  • curt diggler

    wouldn’t be right if some wheat af1 weren’t posted

  • YallStillMad LeBron’Em Won

    I’m over ’em. If they were sittin on the shelf in footlocker right now, i wouldn’t twice about skippin’ on ’em.

  • javi

    Fucken hypebeast SMFH!!!!

  • Thad Greer

    WTF is up with my man in the galaxy foams? You wanna show off the hang tag that bad, my dude? I think I just facepalm’d my hand through my head.

  • Slam

    I’ve seen ’em around too, mostly online, but those are the new wheats fam! Notice the black nike check. Those are mids. If there’s one sneaker I know, it’s those wheats.

  • Slam

    Nothing hypes me like Ogs referring to AFs as Uptowns.

  • Executive aka Dark Wolf

    Damn, I didn’t know there was new ones out. When that happen?