The Daily Photos 1.11.18


Mike Bibby’s Air Jordan 17 – @slamkicks

These rank high on the 3 list.

Air Jordan 3 – @jo_blaze23

Couldn’t resist.

Air Jordan 4 – @indexportland

Give me all the forces.

Nike Air Force 1 – @regularolty

More underrated Max: These?

Nike Air Max 93 – @ravishingacs

Or these?

Nike Air Max 98 – @seedasneakers

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  • theloverswineverytime

    A-1 line-up.

  • javi


  • Executive IV E M E S I S

    I can’t imagine balling in 17’s, my feet would be hurting like a muthafucka.

  • Executive IV E M E S I S

    Mad that I never copped the menthol joints.

  • Ray.

    I gotta get some 98s man!!

  • Snkr Clbrty

    Not going to lie, I wasn’t feeling the 98’s for a LONG time. This photo made me feel like they actually look good.

  • theloverswineverytime


  • javi