The Daily Photos 2.12.18


Air Jordan 17 – @ohburberry

I’ve seen few things more beautiful.

Air Jordan 1s – @dunksrnice

Were you hyped on these?

Air Jordan 4 – @king_of_kickss

Miss those things.

Air Jordan 5 – @solefulapparel

Best snow shoes of all-time.

Air jordan 15 – @jamaine_45th

Of course I had to get The Champ in here.

Nike Air Penny 2 – @throwbackhoops


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  • theloverswineverytime

    You “had to get The Champ in here”, huh. The Celtics oughta be ashamed of they self for lowering their standards to have his number hung up there. Might as well retire M.L. Carr’s, & Jerry Sichting’s numbers if this it what they’re settling for now. Smh..

  • theloverswineverytime
    ? Damn them jeans are baggie as hell!
    ?Yall don’t judge, now. Dont judge…

  • javi

    Relax hypebeast it ain’t that serious ?

  • javi


  • They also got washed on Paul’s big day lol

  • theloverswineverytime

    Yuuup. ??Te-heee!

  • DC DunKing


  • DC DunKing

    I see folk getting creative with the shots. I always like to see the 17s and 15s photographed. Great construction on the 15s too, I keep mine for almost 10 years. But The Truth in the Atlantic Blue Penny’s for the WIN!

  • theloverswineverytime

    Hey man, they are from American Eagle… the correct W & L. They just came dumb-relaxed ?

  • javi


  • javi

    Te-heee Te-heee Te-heee