The Daily Photos 3.12.18

Melo had some hits.

Air Jordan 4 – @todamacx

Socks are key.

Air Jordan 12 – @m_sqwaredkicks


Air Jordan 1 – @r.versi

Yeah, these are nice.

Air Jordan 3 – @cluu_78


Air Jordan 8 – @sneakersofberlin

Oh my.

Air Jordan 19 – @jamaine_45th

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  • curt diggler

    Them ovos are so underwhelming it’s ridiculous! Funniest part of that release is that folks bought to resell, but no one wants them basic ass kicks. Now they gotta hold em and pretend to actually like them now that they are bricks on the market.

  • sirfresh

    I wanted those 4s back in the day

  • Ray.

    If those weak ass 19s, with those beetlejuice socks and those lint ball joggers can make it into the daily photos, anything can..

  • Han Lee

    Hahahaha!!!!oh $h!?…I didnt notice the lint balls till i saw ur comment