The Daily Photos 4.20.17


Happy day.

Nike SB Dunk – @julilikesthis


You can take one pair for free.

Nike SB Dunk – @bwess85


Those or these?

Nike SB Dunk – @casan_scott


Sidenote. These are nice.

Nike SB Dunk – @mickswagger


Nice shot.
Asics Gel Lyte V – @snkrgirl


Enjoy the day.

New Balance 1500 – @marcoskicks

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  • kaydot901

    Nice.I was hoping for the Bait 420 Stans made the cut.One of my recent favorites,From the hemp cw to the stash pocket.The Tiffany’s are still clean btw.

  • A history of 420 kicks would’ve been a dope feature for today.

    Tiffs will always be clean, imo.

    I kinda wish I would’ve kept my Skunks…

  • Han Lee

    Cheech n chong!

  • aSh

    Should have worn my RESN/Gucci dunks today :/ ((Le Sigh))

  • Slam

    FWIW, did look for those for a while. G, I still have mine. They’re almost beat though. At that stage where you don’t know whether to retire or fully destroy them.

  • kaydot901

    #Respect You did your thing Business as usual tho.

  • kaydot901

    hindsight is 20/20!it was a dope one imo.