The Daily Photos 5.22.17

When IE was a mystery.

Air Jordan 11 IE – @leorkdsm

All DBs are sick, you can’t judge ’em. Just enjoy the ridiculousness.

Air Jordan 13 – @cluu_78

JB forgot about the 14.

Air Jordan 14 – @air_salinas

Show the Mars so you know it’s real.

Air Jordan 4 – @maallymall

I just loved the type of material on these.

Air Jordan 7 – @bboylaspin

Pants and shoes are made for each other.

Air Jordan 8 – @antwankicks

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  • YallStillMad LeBron’Em Won

    Flawless line-up here…sans them trash-ass doern 13’s.
    Hey, Slam…them Celts kept the door cracked open, huh. Shit actually didn’t surprise me that they went and got the win. Still hope (i mean, i hope NOT ?, but….)?

  • Executive

    Man if I could rewind back to ’06.

  • Executive

    The quality and shape on those 7’s was A1.

  • Erosion


  • Han Lee

    Lol..after the beating they got the game before…it did suprise me

  • that DB comment is pretty real. especially whats behind them.

  • javi

    Settle down hype!

  • kaydot901

    All Facts.It’s sick children who get to think about something other than being sick & seeing it come to fruition.You encourage creativity,be as bold as you are brave,,I’m always a fan of the DB’s & their stories behind the details.It’s just a good karma thing.We don’t judge children especially sick ones because it would lower us.

  • kaydot901

    XI lows one of the only lows we acknowledge.Both cws were heat.I ran the citrus VII’s into beaters & they got ashy & I mow the lawn in em now.smh

  • Ray.

    Im glad i didnt get those 8s..
    They gonna be like the 7s right above it.
    Hot for now, but they’ll loose their luster quickly..

  • aSh

    terrible Xp

  • YallStillMad LeBron’Em Won