The Daily Photos 8.10.17

Get up, Ewing!

Pat Ewing, pre-Ewing Athletics, in the Air Force 1 – @shoeless_jack

Those jerseys.

MJ in the Air Jordan 1 – @inallairness


NWA in various heat – @sneakerhistory

Always heat.

Nike Air Max Griffey 1 – @flippinlaces

That leather.

Nike SF Air Force 1 – @jsteaze

Real high.

Reebok Pump Hi II – @jnsboi57

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  • theloverswineverytime

    My boy Pat about to make that rim nothin but a memory. Go Hoyas!!

  • javi


  • kirk

    The late great eazy e

  • Ray.

    Eazy for the win!

  • theloverswineverytime

    Ummm, Cube & Ren were greater. They actually wrote their own (as well as eazy’s) lyrics. ?But i digress….

  • javi

    You’re a fucken dumb shit. Always pretending to know everything. Fucken terrorist go back where u came from smfh