The Daily Photos 8.7.17

Such a banger.

Air Jordan 13 – @solecialstudies

Wish I had a pair of my own shoes decked out in my high school’s colors.

Air Jordan 14 – @m_sqwaredkicks

When these first dropped.

Air Jordan 1 – @flockr_

That lace rig though.

Air Jordan 4 – @flippinlaces

When the Jordan 7 came out with random heat quality.

Air Jordan 7 – @pryncenapoleon

Favorite 10? Favorite non-city pack 10?

Air Jordan 10 – @oneraresole

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  • theloverswineverytime

    Fav aj 10? Steels, hands down.
    Fav City pack aj 10? Pro’ly the Sac’tos. Not really a fan of any the City pack joints though.

  • Executive 777

    I truly fuckin loved those 10’s, quality was on point and I was wearing them when I met my wife.

  • Executive 777

    They need to release the stealth 10 and do them like the OG. Pac was actually wearing those when he did the album cover for All Eyez On Me.

  • javi

    U did grab them..u must be confused or don’t remember ?

  • Slam

    I know I said favorite non-city pack, but give me those Seattle ones every second of the week.

  • Black/Red 13s!

  • That’s dope! How long have you been married? You got kids? You can’t just drop that info without the story breh. lol

  • Steels def my favorite 10s.

  • Executive 777

    Lol! It’ll be 4 years this Wednesday and we have a son.

  • Ahhhh that’s what’s up! Congrats my dude.

  • theloverswineverytime

    Not really a fan of the City joints. But if i had to pick, I’d proly go with the Seattles myself.

  • javi

    And I’d say you’d go for all of them in the pack. Just saying because well you do have that crazy thirst ?

  • that lace job on the 4 is mean