The Daily Photos 9.1.17

Start your September with some sharks.

Nike SB Dunk – @ninjaofpure

Nice s?o?c?k?s?  very expensive sneakers.

adidas Ultra Boost Uncaged – @mr.retro1

High on DB list?

Air Jordan 1 – @thegreenwichgrinch


Air Jordan 11 – @thecarolinaboy

Perfect name. Cop a pair here

Nike Pocket Knife – @t_glick

The best.

Nike SB Dunk – @jjornacion

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  • Ray.

    I remember running around tryina get those DB1s.
    Not knowing what they were, but knowing I had to have em..

  • theloverswineverytime

    Dunks at the top. Them lil pocket knife joints look good too.

  • Ha! Did you get a pair?

  • Yeah the shoe looks good.

  • javi


  • Ray.

    I did not. lol
    That was the first time i went to NIketown in Manhattan tho.
    Do they even have Niketowns anymore??