Design Your Own Nike VaporMax With 7 Sole Color Options


Uh oh!

Nike’s new hyped shoe that keeps selling out is now available for customization on NIKEiD.

Judging by the demand for this model, sizes won’t last long. So, if you’ve been trying to get your hands on the VaporMax here’s your chance to cop and design your very own colorway.

Nike is offering two upper options and 7 sole color options: Orange, Volt, Blue, Pink, Turquoise, Clear, and Black.

You can design your own pair by clicking here.

Design Your Own Nike VaporMax



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  • i am glad i waited. i will do this

  • Executive MurderedoutF12

    Zzz! That sole is trash.

  • Post a screenshot of your design in here.

  • Not feeling the color options or the sole in general?

  • MAN i get on there and the options are sooo limited. more than normal. makes me sad. they wanna save options for releases. and i dont like it! lol

  • Executive MurderedoutF12

    For how much they’re charging you should be able to create your own from the bottom up, every option should be open.

  • Not since these are all pre-made with the customization of lettering or a graphic being the final detail. There are several studies I can provide you with that show choice is bad for consumers. Sounds weird right? Look up the jam study as one small example.

    Next, it’s more cost effective to limit the options but I personally will not be buying this overpriced con.

  • Out of curiosity have you ID’d anything in the last 6mths? Nike’s ID has been getting worse by the week, ok…maybe month. Since it’s been conversation in sneaker forums and groups for at least 3mths now maybe G-Roc and TSG can break the silence and ask the public what they think of Nike’s ID options as of late.

    They’re pretty bad in the opinion of many, then you look at the price again and go “Hell no, I’m not spending that for this”.

  • for me its been over a year. but i have done about three of them. when you hear the term “customize” its creates the possibility of having something that a lot of people dont have. but these options dont give that. i think it would be a good subject for G and the gang to hit. i do understand the productions costs. but hey obviously were willing to pay it if the options are there.

  • I knew before hand that the options would be super limited, which wasn’t a big deal for me because I went from wanting the shoe to no longer being interested. The typical artificial scarcity tactic no longer works for me because we’ve discussed using it for the brand I currently contract for. A few days after that first ID debacle sneakergranpa or someone I follow on the gram posted a picture of a shoe from the 1980’s and low and behold it would appear like Nike has tried this design before but the gap analysis for the tech was two great for adoption based on innovation at the time.


    Is any sneaker blog/site going to talk about how an ID is now limited? For kicks and giggles I went to the link the article provided and everything is already OOS. Might have been a good strategy for Nike if Adidas didn’t have their global Iniki release on the same day. It must really hurt to be Nike right now.

    They just can’t catch a break but all of it is self inflicted.

  • I had a feeling it had been awhile because as stated their options for ID has become more and more limited for awhile now. I think it’s production costs and the problem Nike has run into is that they’ve done so much that they may have ran out of color options since they can’t or won’t add any that gets us too close to a past or future release.

    Excellent point on the uniqueness of the shoes. I too feel that’s somewhat lost and with so many GR’s that are now harder than collabs or custom kicks as offered by brands it’s almost a no brainer for many people.

  • Executive MurderedoutF12

    Good looking.

  • YallStillMad LeBron’Em Won

    Lol. Folks are str8 trashin this shit on Nike’s twitter.

  • PsychadelicSavage

    I’m really not a huge adidas fan, theyre doing the same thing Nike has been doing for like ten years now. I agree that It is definitely self inflicted on Nike though, they’ve been doing us dirty, lowering quality, raising prices for far too long. People want something fresh! Thats where the UB came in

    At the same time, I cant fault Nike for the VaporMax. I was HYPE for the 2009, and this is the biggest innovation Nike has released since. This is something fresh and people are hating.

    On another note, you got me fucked up if you think I’m paying $240 for black nike “id”

  • All fair points family and I wouldn’t argue any on how Nike has treated their consumers. Matter of fact I’m standing next to you with a raised flag on that. You’re spot on.

    I would however say I feel Adidas was being a little smarter in their use of artificial scarcity and staggered release patterns which I became aware of in 2014 with the their Xeno Flux. Adidas starts off slow with many models and then does more and more restocks to meet demand. If Nike had done that they wouldn’t have been caught with so much inventory to get rid of. One of several acknowledged problems they currently face.

    I can’t fault Nike for the Vapormax or any of the newer models they’re releasing either but the strategy seems a bit wonky. Why are they suddenly making ID’s limited? The obvious answer is to build hype but that’s not working for Nike very well and I truly think they need to pivot.

    As for new I personally don’t think it is really. Every tech used in that shoe sans the rubber that makes that air unit seem like you could throw it in a volcano we’ve seen before. Flyknit celebrates its 5yr anniversary this year, air units are 30yrs old etc. It’s only the hardened rubber that’s new.

    Price. Man…smh. Nike had one chance homie…one chance of catching me with that price and they royally screwed that up by making it a limited ID. The CW I wanted sold out in 19 minutes. There are samples on eBay that look better than most released colors so far and and I’ve seen some auctions end around $285/$310 which I would rather spend on a sample vs $240 for a limited ID.

  • javi

    But your lovin them hype?

  • As they should. Nike catch a lot of people with the vapormax though. They’re playing the “artificial exclusivity” card harder than a MOFO and countless people will end up with impulse buy vapormax because Nike built up hype to make them blind consumers.

    Hard to believe people are falling for it because eventually Nike will over produce these and they’ll be readily available but almost all CW’s will be weak AF.

  • PsychadelicSavage

    I think the biggest reason, aside from hype, that theyre making these limited is to keep up the illusion that Flyknit is still hand made and not mass produced.

  • It looks like they’re back for those of you that wanted to make a pair.