Designer Insights On The Air Jordan 28

Jordan Brand recently dared fans to fly and unveiled their latest flagship sneaker simply called the Air Jordan 28 model. Check out the video as the designers, Tinker Hatfield and Josh Heard, breaks down the design of the sneaker. They also talk about the inspiration for the sneaker itself.

They wanted to push the envelope towards new technology and performance. Check out the video of the design breakdown for the Air Jordan 28 below.

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  • 23edge

    “push the envelope towards new technology and performance”
    Okay… fair enough, but where has that gotten Jordan Brand so far? Clearance bins at outlets. All we’re asking now is to design something fantastic as well as functional. It’s seriously not that hard, look at the LeBron line. For XX9 please let Jason Petrie take over.

  • Beanz

    I think are judging to fast on it. I like the shoe and the thought process. I think people’s standards are still stuck on retro designs and grasping that jordan shoes even the days of the retro everybody loves was also about pushing technology and designs to another level. His brand has always been one ahead of the competitors. I wish they would have shown some the possible colorway options that are in the background. Then people’s opinions will change. I guess they are saving those for the promotion of NikeID.

  • aSh

    In all honestly the overall silhouette (now that I’ve looked at this shoe 30 million times) Looks a lot like the XIV…. See the pic where tinker is holding it… Very XIVish…

  • Just Kicks

    LOL at 23edge but can’t point.

  • Sole Seriouz

    Maybe it’s something we can appreciate later on down the line…or maybe not. lol

  • me

    i see what they tried to do. they tried to create a shoe that people can look back on and be like thats genius, innovative, and ahead of its time. and i think they succeeded.

    however you cant wear those out anywhere…and thats been the problem with jordans for a while. probably an awesome bball shoe.but these will be in sale bins…AGAIN

  • Lem

    I actually like the shoe. I tend to take every flagship model Air Jordan for what it’s worth and that’s simply the latest model in the rotation. They should be excellent for ball and I think they will be good for casual wear as well.

    I wear what I want and tend not to worry about what other people think about my attire. I don’t understand why so many people think the shoe isn’t wearable outside of the b-ball court.

    Anything is wearable off the court. It up to you to decide if wearing them off the court will work for you. If they can make Timberlands an everyday shoe outside of a construction site the surely a basketball shoe can be just as versatile.

  • MelloYelloMD

    I think if/when they release a stripped down shroud-less model it will be more conducive to off-court wear and might please the masses. What’s under the shroud might not be too bad…although something says XI upper to me

  • bware113

    Am I the only one thats automatically reminded of the Glove series here? Maybe it’s just the zipper. . .

  • Mr. Get It In!!!!

    I Need these in my Life!!! I’m a go 2 Milan and pick these up, I need One Zip and Unzipped, On The Court Ballin!!! Pop The Molly I’m Sweatin!!!WHEW!!! On the Court Ballin!!!!

  • Brother J

    Functional? Very. Fashionable? Fail! i just don’t see the color ways being there. Think Carolina Blue. Jordans are becoming court only sneakers. I guess thats what they were made for.