Devin Hester vs. Earl Bennett – Sneaker Collections

Devin Hester is known as one of the (if not THE) greatest return specialists in NFL history. What he’s not known for, is his extensive Air Jordan collection.

A Twitter battle ensued between teammate Earl Bennett and Devin Hester that prompted Hester to respond with a multitude of pictures displaying a part of his Air Jordan collection. Bennett also dropped some gems on his end including Quai 54 Vs but Hester let his pictures do the talking for him.

A wide array of Jordans were seen from Hester’s collection ranging from fusions to hybrids to retros, emphasizing on anything Jordan.

In Devin Hester’s corner:

In Earl Bennett’s corner:

In the end, it was proclaimed that Earl Bennett won the Nike side while Devin Hester won the Jordan side.

Who do you think won the sneaker “battle?”

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    I told G-Roc last season to check out earl Bennett cleats on the field only dude with all orange cleats he was ahead of his time on the big bang idea… Sore Hester you my dude but gottta give this one to Earl … Da bears!!!! Bear Down

  • Rodrigo Mousetraps

    Earl has Obsidians… Done…

  • Cjax

    Hester has older heat, it looks like Earl is new to this…. I will go with Hester, even though Earl has Brons on deck……

  • David Wilson

    Gotta go with Earl’s collection, even though Devin’s is more organized & together. Seems as if Devin just buys JB cuz he can afford it(not hating, just saying) and doesn’t even care if the silouette is wack or not, as long as it’s JB.

  • SPINS6136

    Maybe I’m looking too far into this but I have a couple things to point out.

    1. Good to see a sneaker collection that has been obviously well worn. No mass amounts of stuff sitting in plastic wrap and never sniffed the hardwood.

    2. Devin Hester been around for some time. Dude has money. You have a collection THAT large and that’s how you store your stuff? Inverted upside down and all on top of each other?

    But, onto the shoes themselves. Good variety and you can definately tell from both players that they simply buy what they like, get use out of their shoes but also mix in an impressive array of some classics with some hard to come by stuff.

    Well done!

  • bennett for sure. hester is my dude (the “U” all day), but hester seems to not care. as long as there is a jumpman, he’s on it. bennett has O.Gs and classics. hester had a few “FUSIONS”…..nuff said

  • and 8.0’s????? SMDH @ Hester

  • shortymac

    he pooped all over hester with those og 10’s

  • Mater

    i remember when my obsidians looked like that smh ;[


    How do I get my collection on here? Put me in this battle!

  • I would suggest donating a pair each week to best students, but the best HS students will likely have smaller feet.

  • Trizzyrozay

    Both collections are hot! But I give Hester this one he had OG powder blue X’s deadstock! The XII’s are nice with the old Nike box but those xi have never been retroed and they DS mike might be the only person with those still fresh #realtalk

  • boss

    i would do crazy things to have 13’s on deck like hester

  • Da Bears

    Quit worrying so much about your sneaker collection and learn how to catch a damn football!

  • B2sick

    BENNETT EASILY!!!!! Hester had tooo many fusions and just anything with a jumpman basicall, Bennett had some legit heat

  • Jeron

    Nice collection. Would store mines better but that’s me. Why y’all knocking his collection he cops what he likes. Not all the fusions were that bad. The 5’s were the best of the fusions. Maybe he rocks them on a rainy day or something.

  • PrinceBrendan

    Hester is a hood nigga so of course he is going to buy anything he likes with a Jumpman on it. But anyways Both got Heat & respect both collections.

  • sneakercritique

    I was going for Hester in beginning but now I’m more for Bennett just because he has diversity and some real nice standouts but I wish he wouldve organized them better couldnt make out half those shoes but to high wage men in a sneaker battle sucks the fun out of it


    I got these two best with the XI/XII cdp.. the dmp pack … Space jams..flint XII..cement iii…black cat iv .. fire reds and metallic v..carmine vi…gray royal purple vii..playoff viii and Xiii ..aqua viii..OG blk and white IX and charcoal IX.. red and gray x..stealth xx.. bred xx3 …motorsport xx3.. and that’s just of the top of my head!!!

  • Justin Richard

    Do 8.0s Count as heat?

  • ty

    There both pretty good. Ill say earl because I like his NikeSBs, and Im not a fan of fusions and dude got every color.

  • Dan

    Hester bought 8.0s he is automatically disqualified, I don’t care how much heat he has.

  • Weezy23

    Its funny people say because he has 8.0s hes “disqualified” but i disagree it just goes to shoow hes not a hypebeast and obviously buys what he likes which i respect! And what a coincendence he wears his kicks too!

  • G_Gil

    I gotta go with D.Hester

  • philmos1

    *hester* but not really impressed…not enough nikes in either collection(lebrons dont count they suck)

  • Earl got it. My dude has actual heat not the run of the mill last 4 years of GRs but actual heat. I know young guys with all that GR stuff not the OG obsidians, powder blue 10s, cool grey 4s, black toe 14s and grape 5s

  • Earl got it. My dude has actual heat not the run of the mill last 4 years of GRs but actual heat. I know young guys with all that GR stuff not the OG obsidians, powder blue 10s, cool grey 4s, black toe 14s and grape 5s

  • The NewJent

    Honestly they both look like they just cop whatever is hot at the time wear em and them toss em. I wasnt at all impressed with neither only due to the storage of the kicks. So hester got my vote on this one.

  • philmos1

    i take that back earl wins…



  • nish

    gotta go with earl.

  • Atxsneakerhead

    I go with earl no doubt!!!!! Not only does he have diversity, but he gots exsclusives and og! Devin has too many team jays and when I saw 8.0 s and them trainers I knew for a fact who had the better collection!

  • Sneakerfreaker

    dayum hester’s got nothin compared to earl. earl’s got heat from back in the day and the stuff from now. hester gotta step up the game

  • SoleBrotha#1

    Nice collections of Jordans and nikes, but not impressed by the layout. C’mon man!