Diddy Spotted Rockin’ Air Jordan 7 “Raptors”

The Air Jordan 7 Dark Charcoal aka “Raptors” made a comeback this year with the black upper similar to the  original version. There was even a recent restock for the AJ 7 Raptors for those who missed out in August. A well-known celebrity was recently spotted rocking these AJ 7 “Raptors” while his stay in Los Angeles.

It’s Diddy who was seen rocking these Air Jordan retros in his velour suit. Did you happen to cop a pair during the November restock?

Images: FameFlynet

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  • kvegas

    No hate but this dude still rocking big ass shiny medallions wait is this Throwback Thursday edition?

  • aSh

    A Mercedes medallion -_- really Diddy??? And nice valor sweat suit…. no… not really…

  • Executive

    Ol $600 million dollar velour jumpsuit wearin a ss n igga (redman voice) Get em! (method man voice)

  • kp

    Velour & AJ7 not a good look!!
    the chain ….dope!!!

  • me

    diddy doesnt care…hes RICH lol.

    still rocking velour suits from 2001

  • aSh

    LMMFAO @ Executive… Ol’ Jimmidy Cricket lookin a$$..
    “GET EEEEM!!!”

  • Birdman

    And he chocking the hell out of the laces. He is one person that never look right with j’s on.

  • First off I thought these guys fly G6 & better for all of you that don’t know ‘Gulf Stream 6’ is a private jet this guy looks like he’s flying commercial airliners but anyway, who does he think he is ‘Rakim’ with that MB chain? Don’t sweat the technique diddy bop. Like PushaT said swag is something you are born with this cat tries way to hard & always comes out looking like a bum. Jordan’s are a dead issue. Especially 7’s 8’s 9’s & 10’s
    This guy is filthy f*ck*ng rich still wearing his own b*llsh*t clothing line Sean John give me a f*ck*ng break take a hike loser

  • SPINS6136

    Well, I can’t really say much that hasn’t already been said. So, let’s recap:

    Velour sweatsuit? CHECK
    Gold Benz Medallion? CHECK
    Virgin tight laces? CHECK


    Skytel pager
    Iced out grill
    Cross Colours
    And f*ck it PUFFY (yeah I said it Sean) why not just bring back the shiny suit.

    Apparently you were taking a day off from your “Style King on NY” persona.

  • gotjordans

    so what?

  • ZipFreshWillie

    Damn Sean you could have at least put on the Bordeux…

  • omar najeeb

    @emoney. So I gues u don’t like diddy. Did I get it rite? Lol. Yeah this j-off is seen werin 7s. He was also spttd pttn a death blow to new edition’s career!.yes I’m beefn ovr that

  • how ironic. a dinosaur rockin raptors.

  • Supa B

    lolz @ rockin a velour suit….man, we back in 2001?

  • Jstar

    I remeber wearing velour suit back in late 80’s and early 90’s….I’m old school so its dope to me…lol Its the skinny jeans i can’t get with..