Greg Street’s Sneaker Heat Part 2

Greg Street’s Sneaker Heat Part 2


Have your eyes recovered from Greg Street’s Sneaker Heat Part 1? Are you mentally and visually prepared for Greg Street’s Sneaker Heat Part 2? If you answered yes to both questions then you can now sit back and enjoy the second part of Greg Street’s Sneaker Heat video series. Stay tuned for our final episode, The Vault.

  • Backroad

    Something about the Linens just does it for me. So much heat in this video there’s really nothing I can say. Speechless.

    On a side note: Street, you might be a Hoarder if… 😉

  • willie mcfly22

    hot damn this shit aint right yall…goodness!!…i was in aww the whole damn time!!

  • brennanizm

    Open the Vault, my man…

  • Shawty Black aka Don’t Let Me Talk to your Girl or I’ll make Love to Her Mind

    Shout out to Greg Street for even showing us that collection. Dope addition to the education of the culture for real. Also, Part 1 was better (to me) than part 2, but that may only be because the anticipation to part 1 was so intense. The Vault, I think, will slay us all though. I agree with earlier comments, I don’t think ANYONE can top Street’s collection in terms of diversity, quantity, and preservation of items. Some people get to Street’s position in the game and stop collecting or start selling. Street is still an avid shopper and collector. He’s got a spot in the Guinness Book coming up for sure.

  • raul

    whats the name of the second song on this video? i need it plz

  • theeff

    wish he would show more of his real “HEAT” instead of all these converse,af1’s,pumas, adidas and prokeds that we all dont give a shit about.