Don’t Buy Yeezy Boosts & Cheat On Your Girlfriend On The Same Day

girlfriend ruins cheating boyfriend yeezy boost 350

WELP! We’ve seen this story play out many times before. While the exact details of how this sneakerhead ended up with holes cut all over his Yeezy Boost 350s is unclear, the caption makes us wonder what he did to make his ex-girlfriend crazy. If I had to guess, homeboy was on his fly ish trying to mess with two ladies at once and wifey caught him slipping. Personally, I’m not a fan of ex-girlfriends destroying a man’s property so I would advise Mr. Brian Gutierrez to sue the pants off his former lady.

TSGFam, lets pour out a little liquor for this man’s adidas Yeezy Boost 350’s.

Source: Facebook

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  • Executive aka 777

    Maybe his feet stunk so she added a old school customized ventilation system for them?

  • Graffiti88

    Women are so bitter. They expect you to sit and cry over them even when they break it off with you. Like nah we mourn an ended relationship with thots. That’s just how ni**as do. Just cause we fu**in doesn’t mean we aint still sad. R.I.P 350’s

  • omar najeeb

    Prolly some cornball nigga that didnt like the shoe anyhows. No sympathy from me, muthaluva.

  • sharpie

    he could still probably get 2-3 bills for those the thirst is real

  • Blackula

    SMH! He spent all that money on a pair of adidas slippers when he could’ve bought a pair of Roshes or nike air low huaraches all black but NO, now look at him. Sorry for your loss cuzz