Update: OVO Air Jordan 6 Confirmed Fake

OVO air jordan 6 gold

Drizzy out here stuntin’.

OVO crew is about to look real fresh for the summer. After designing an OVO Air Jordan 12 and Jordan 10, Drake is back with another. This time he brings his Black & Gold traditional colors to the Air Jordan 6. Maybe he’s not aware of DMP 6’s, but Jordan Brand taught us years ago this colorway is fire. Shout out to Drake getting his own PE’s for the team, thats how you really put on for the squad. Maybe he’ll design a cleat for his bestfriend Johnny Manziel who was caught wearing 6’s in practice.

PS. Someone inspired Drake because this AJ6 originally was an April Fool’s joke, but not any longer.


Would you cop the OVO Air Jordan 6? Let us know in the comments below.

Images: Long7

ovo-drake-air-jordan-6 air-jordan-6-retro-ovo ovo-air-jordan-vi-drakeblack and gold air jordan 6 ovo drakedrake design ovo air jordan 6

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  • beatsbymarcus

    So far, all of Drakes “OVO” jordans have been kinda boring to me…

  • ^^ pretty much. I did like the 12’s with the stingray that was fresh tho.

  • Mater

    Ehh these are aiight
    I see ya puttin in work on the weekends. Ya never post sh it up on the weekends

  • omar najeeb

    Dmp 6, anyone? Lol.

  • Word, never used to be posts on the weeknd.

  • KNA

    With a lot of hype with Drake, I’m pretty sure these shoes would fly off the shelves, imo

  • @motive & @mater word, looking to step up our game on weekends! 1st weekend of training for our new writer Davon

    Thanks for noticing.

  • SupaB

    lol…like omar said, these are basically the dmp 6s…

  • FlyssFxxlie

    They are the same colors but the materials look premium. So we don’t get the same quality and I know a lot of ppl complain about that but it is the Truth.

    Shout out to the weekend warriors aka weekend writers lol. Keep up the good work tsg.

  • SneakGeek


  • sirfresh

    didn’t these come out already

  • Matt hallowell

    Where can I get these?

  • Burrr

    I need a pair of these
    Free Guwop

  • sneakerfreak

    Shiits are fire

  • this is basically a golden moments 6.

  • kikzaddikt

    drake’s “bohemian grove” inspired jay all bore me to shit… #WACKSAUCE!!

  • He “desgined” them huh? lolol…

  • SmallzGotKickz

    For some reason the silioute looks like a boot

  • JC

    So why is everyone complaining about these shoes?

  • x0xxx000x0

    These okay, but I mainly fuck with The Weeknd.

  • Biga173rd

    Complete Rip off to the DMP.

  • Yawwnnn. . Quality looks horrible. Cardboard.

  • Ramone Hogan

    The DMP 6s are my favorite 6s, so I probably would cop at retail since this is pretty much the same and DMP prices are rape.