Drake Has A Good Relationship With JB

February 25, 2010 | 69

Drake spoke to ImFlashy on a number of topics including why he declined the XXL 2010 Freshmen cover. Drizzy also said that he has a good relationship with Jordan Brand, which should come as no surprise. As a matter of fact, Drake is rocking Silver Anniversary Air Jordan 9’s. Check out this short video. Spotted at RR

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  • http://TheShoeGame.com Chris Black

    Yeahh am95connoisseur your right Talib, Mos Def etc. are dope MCs no doubt about that, I was just throwing examples out there.

  • Lady MJ Lover

    I dont respect anybody who wears fake shoes!!! DRAKE=FAKE

  • http://www.mercurycougar.net CenValCali


  • http://WWW.ATLANTAGOTSOLE.COM mr.madison

    lol @ this.. haha.. wow and the backpackers return… backpackers are almost as bad as people who think south music is the only thing worth while.. if you cant take you mind out that box and be able to appreciate diffrent types of music and understand it holds a lane.. maybe not your lane but a lane.. then you just as wack as the rappers your talking about… i can talk to you about people from camp lo to drake to b.i.g to gucci mane to clipse.. its understanding they have a lane and they clearly know what they are doing because your talking about them.. all the hate is disturbing that people still cant think outside “their” box.. respect its just how i feel.. id never shit on a rapper because they didnt speak to me… they speaking to someone… but some of yall the same cats who cant see pass “nike”…

  • JRa


    First off I can say what I want..Im sorry if i offended you in any way but my first comment was about Drake, not you. Personally I agree 100% with BRINX (read his comment). I never grew up rich or wealthy but Ive seen kids grow up with all these clothes and kicks that their mommies got for their spoiled asses. Kids that dont know what its like to have no choice what you get and appreciate things .I feel like Drake was one of those spoiled kids growing up. He made it successfully, no doubt about that. He makes good music and all but like BRINX said not real hip hop. Him rockin fake V’s was like a huge smack in JBs faces .Like you I was 14 when I was like” ya know what? Its time for me to get fresh and get my own shit.” People like me understand it but I dont hold it back..I say what I feel and that what TSG is all about. As for the All White Jordan Collection, they are OK..I would only cop the XI’s.

  • JRa

    Frizzy Fake

  • JRa

    anyone who defends Drake because of my comments is srt8 up groupies

  • JRa

    If you dont know Drake personally and get mad about my comments then you are definately a teenage high school girl or male groupie…

  • CarolinaSmiley15

    Wait I thought those Vs were just ugly ass customs not fakes

  • Chevyboy

    ^JRa—I feel you on that, but I take offense to it because I was one of those kids whose parents bought his clothes. But on the flipside, I appreciated EVERYTHING. Not all spoiled kids think on that level. But I accept your apology anyway. And by the way, what is your definition of real hip hop? Not just naming rappers, but a REAL definition.

  • http://WWW.ATLANTAGOTSOLE.COM mr.madison

    great question.. what is real hip hop? and what makes your definition absolute?
    lol its just funny how someone can be spoiled and rich yet they found success before most people could work a real job.. i think its just kinda clowny to hate on anyone’s success ..thats kinda the definition of a hater right?

  • http://TheShoeGame.com Chris Black

    Well I can answer that people, Real hip hop is more than just music, its pretty much a lifestyle, Rap is just something you do, but hip hop altogether is something you live, Rap is just one element of hip hop, the others are breakdancing, b-boys or b-girls, graffitti, Djing and some MCs like to say knowledge is in one of the elements as well. Thats pretty much the definition of Hip Hop.

  • http://TheShoeGame.com Chris Black

    Oh and another thing MCing is another element, see people get confused thinking that rapping and MCing is the same, the rapper is the representative of the music industry/coporate america, the MC is representive of hip hop culture, the Mc is a lyicist, while rappers most of them are not lyricist. ”An Mc can be a great sucessful rapper, but a rapper can never be an MC”, has my man KRS One explained.

  • http://TheShoeGame.com Chris Black

    My bad if I mispelled some words, but yall should know wat im talking about.

  • JRa

    @ Chevyboy
    to me hip hop, from what i remember and grew up with, are inner city youths gathering together to create rhymes and songs that other inner city youths can relate to (Hip Hop Culture). I understand that today hip hop has changed completely and I dont knock the hustle. My opinion is that Drake is overrated..I like some of his songs BEFORE he was on the radio, but now i feel like evryone is gassing the kid up..I go for the under dogs, meaning any rapper that isnt known like that but still gain respect..All these rappers now talk about the same thing, popping bottles, going to clubs and banging hoes..I dont live that type of lifestyle so I really cant relate to it. Those type of tracks are great for clubs and what not but if Im alone at the crib, I cant sit there and listen to it..I like songs with stories and substance, not gangbanging ish but stories that the individual rapper has been through that urban or suburban people can relate to. It akl depends what kind of mood im in, but its rare for me to be bumping Drake in the whip lol. His shoe game is fire no doubt but like I said, overrated..oh and another thing, Im glad that you admitted that you were one of those kids who got clothes and kicks and APPRECIATED it..theres alot of spoiled kids out there mah dude. I was the envious one with beat up Nikes lol.

  • JRa

    call me a hater, but Drake thanked me cause now he knows G4 pilots by their government names..

  • iSETtrenDz

    ppl is crazy…

    this video is lame.. “23 anniversary 9’s” SMH, swear celeb & other rich bas-turds don’t kn0 anything about kicks like US (the hardworkin’ true sneaker collectors).. thought it was 25th Year Anniversary

    & lastly i agree with BRINX, i’m not even gonna add more to wat he said cuz he said all

  • Chevyboy

    ^JRa—It’s all love, my boi! I don’t knock you for not liking Drake’s “commercial” appearance, but he has been rapping the same way for a while. Nothing’s changed except he has more media attention. And another thing: rappers have had that same “flashy” state of mind since the beginning. 30 years ago, it was all about getting 24k dookie chains, Kangols, Benz’s and fresh kicks. Now all they talk about is platinum Rolex’s, big diamonds, Rolls Royce Phantoms, and their own clothing lines. In other words, times have changed, but the goals are the same. It’s all hip hop, whether we like it or not.

  • fortydogg

    BRINX u right bout everthang i know ni#$az in toronto who say the same shit. Also sum of the word play he uses try to sound american. Canadian dudes talk funny dress funny and cant rap. the only time they get sucess is if the get on a track iz wit an american artist