Drake Leaving Jordan for adidas?

Drake leaving Jordan for adidas? Rumor has it…

is drake leaving jordan for adidas

At this point my sneaker blogging career, I try to say away from a lot of rumors.

One of the main reasons is it’s so easy to make up rumors with social media. Everyone has a platform now, for better or worse. People with a few followers can literally tweet or post anything, and people will run with it.

That said, this is a big rumor. Nah, this is a massive rumor! I’m not going to lie to y’all and tell you my sources informed TSG about this topic because they didn’t. According to Sole Collector, their sources say Drake is in talks with adidas.

Also, Nick DePaula also confirmed this news. To be exact DePaula said: “Can confirm that Drake and his team are far along in negotiations with adidas on a comprehensive endorsement deal.”

This is starting to sound more and more like a fact, and not a rumor.

Word is Drake is unhappy with this partnership with Jordan Brand. This is all very interesting if true. Nike did a lot with Kendrick Lamar during All Star Weekend, but Drake was missing in action.

The only presence he had was his two OVO Air Jordan 8s, but in retrospect, you would think Drake and Jordan would’ve put more energy into the launch of his latest OVO Jordan collection.

Keep in mind, this is just my thoughts as consider the rumor at hand.

Of course adidas or Jordan Brand has yet to confirm or deny these rumors. As always, stay tuned for more info as we should get confirmation on this news sooner than later.

All I can say is this is going to be crazy if true. Kanye, Pharrell and Drizzy on the same team. Scary!

If true, do you think Drake should leave Jumpman?

Drake Leaving Jordan for adidas?

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  • This is crazy man. I need to go eat lunch tho. What y’all think?

  • Executive The Horrible

    I honestly don’t know wtf to think, I don’t mess with Drake or his shoes.


    It’s going to be nothing but black, white, and gold adidas… Just like the jordans. Maybe.

  • DJR

    I can only assume that he wanted a sig shoe and JB told him to kick rocks. Adidas on the other hand can offer a sig. To keep it a buck I don’t be checking for Drake like that anyway.

  • curt diggler

    Who can blame him? Jordan brand is too damn lazy. Put a gold owl on a basic ass white or black Jordan everyone already seen a billion times….that’s it? Nobody who considers themselves as any kind of artist should work with Nike at this point. Nike refuses to acknowledge the “culture” that made them as fresh as they were at one point.

  • theloverswineverytime

    As i mentioned when i saw this on Twitter:

    Who daphuck cares? ?

  • Nate oNe

    Drake The Fake is for soft booty hoes. Dudes right behind broads holding up their pom-poms. Him and Ye needs to tie a brick to their ankles deep in the ocean, weak overrated cornballs.

  • javi

    Is obvious you do terrorista because you commented(dumbass)?

  • sirfresh

    I think Nike and Jordan don’t really care about rappers or pop culture too much

  • It seems like that’s the case. Lack of creative control and being put in a box. I can only imagine how frustrating that must be for creatives.

    So do you think adidas will eventually take the number 1 spot?

  • Seems like they would’ve learned a valuable lesson after Kanye.

  • Damn lol

  • You care. We all kinda care whether we like Drake or not. This is culture talk.

  • I’m pretty sure he wanted his own Air Drizzy or something. At this point, why wouldn’t JB do it? That could’ve been a new model that hit crazy. We all know JB needs a few new models. Not sure how this is going to play out but adidas has a lot of power right now if this deal goes thru.

  • Lol let’s hope not

  • Crazy, right? I never thought this would be a thing. Life comes at you fast. lol

  • curt diggler

    Nike got folks by the balls to where they cape for them as if they were stockholders..while Adidas seems to have more options for those tired of the same ole retro. Nike will keep the crown due to generations brainwashed from birth that the swoosh or jumpman equals cool.

  • curt diggler

    Nike feeling themselves too much after the rise of the reseller. Too bad it looks like them days are almost over and shit sitting on the shelves. Nike is biting the hand that made them cool in the first place.

  • El Fenomeno

    How creative or fahsionable is he? Does he make people care about this type of stuff like Kanye and pharrell does? Adidas relax, don’t do it (Lol no pun)

  • Great points. I heard adidas def knows how to treat their athletes and entertainers. Nike, not so much. It’s really sad tho. You’re so right tho – we’ve been trained since kids that Nike is the greatest and coolest. They played their cards well and had A1 marketing in the 90s.

  • curt diggler

    yea man…majority of kids couldn’t point mj out in a lineup….lol….i seen folk ask a kid what they want and when the kid picks it, they like” you dont want these instead, they’re cool”…the kids have no choice. But i see more folks willing to try other brands in the last year or two.

  • curt diggler

    shit been looking bleak since them designers left for adidas. i wouldn’t want a signature shoe after seeing them westbrook joints…lmao

  • Me too! It’s def a generational gap. We grew up on this ish. Kids have to be told “these are cool” or decide for themselves what they consider cool. The game has changed.

  • He’s really not, but he has a massive and loyal fanbase that will support whatever he does. To me, that’s the issue at hand. His star power and reach. Drake telling everyone adidas is the wave will only make the adidas wave bigger.

  • James L

    Game hasn’t changed just a new poplilar face. Then it was Nike/Jordan, now it’s adidas/yeezy. Y’all talking about brain washing… Folks these days who aren’t into shoes/sneakers in any form or fashion HAVE TO HAVE the new yeezys. It’s a must so that you can be “someone” on the gram. don’t get me wrong, I like yeezys, but the hype had the instant sneaker/fashion cred you get by having them is the same way Jordan has been. I see so many people on Instagram who don’t generally mention shoes AT ALL or even show themselves too much, but out of nowhere here comes the selfies and full body shots showing them yeezys. Gotta let the world know and see

  • curt diggler

    true….a no fashion mofo could do more harm than good. its like when celine dion posed with some yeezys….lol…..i think they told her dont do it again or they pressin charges…lol

  • curt diggler

    thats because folks on instagram and the like judge sneakers by how much resell they worth. back in the day it was about being actually fresh. Now the price, scarcity, and OG equals fresh automatically.

  • theloverswineverytime

    Naaahh, i really kinda dont care. He’s not a fav of mine, true….But i also never gave a ISH about tryna copp any of the OVO stuff. Now if you told me RunDMC (one of my all-time fav acts) was hanging it up with aDi (an all time fav model is the Super Star) & was gonna start reppin Jordan Brand, not only would i care, i’d be hella disappointed ?

  • C Brown

    Few thoughts….one….the issues is all these cats are watching Virgil work and they all now want to do the same…Virgil and really Acrynomn changed the game when it comes to Collabos for Nike….Yeezy “kinda” designed the Yeezy 1 and Yeezy 2 but rumors have always be out there that Mark designed the 1 and Yeezy had input…But we all know now that Mr West wanted more creative control and ultimately left for the Three Stripes….Now it appears that the Swoosh is more open to Designers changing the Molds and not simply “colorblocking” so lets see what happens….The thing is for every “The Ten” that sells out…there is the Victor Cruz which is currently on super discount at Marshall’s (but they are amazing shoes so dont sleep) So I can see why they would be cautious…

    Two…with the exception of Kanye and Pharrell who else sells well through Adidas?? That Nigo Line bombed…Pusha’s kicks are losing steam…..Jeremy Scott is long gone….and who knows what happened to Missy’s kicks….

    Drake should be careful what you ask for….Again Kanye kinda gets a pass cause the Kanye Effect is very real….And this aint Pharrells first rodeo (See BBC/ICE CREAM/BAPE) But is cats really trying to cop Some Drizzy Boost??

  • javi

    Settle down terrorista it ain’t that serious ?

  • El Fenomeno

    i get the star power and reach thing, but like a said that only works if he’s a somewhat of a fashion god as the other 2. i feel like most we gonna get is some ovo yeezys (hype on those will be nuts) and a couple gold and black sweatsuits with an owl on them.

  • CHICAGORilla

    They did… That’s why Abloh and Don C winning right now with the Swoosh

  • CHICAGORilla

    Two words – Marc Dolce
    Two more words – Brooklyn Farm
    Four last words – Here to create
    That’s not gonna happen B…

  • DC DunKing