Drake Spotted Rockin’ Air Jordan 3 88′ Retro

Drake-Wearing-Air-JordansThe Air Jordan 3 ’88 Retro made headlines last month due to the fact that the Nike Air badge has return to a retro other than an AJ1 model. The white/cement released to pay homage to MJ’s 1988 Slam Dunk Contest. The limited sneaker was released as an online exclusive through various retailers. It looks like Drake jumped on the AJ3 88′ Retro bandwagon as well because he was recently spotted rockin’ a pair.

With all this Nike/Air Jordan talk, what Air Jordan model would you like to return with Nike Air? Is it the AJ4? Or maybe it’s the AJ6? Let us know what you think in the comment section below.

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Images: Prince Williams/ATLPics

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  • KayGotKicks

    My husband looking fresh!

  • KP

    The Nike Air NEEDS to return for the 6’s!

  • Prestige

    I’m tired of the hype over just a simple nike swoosh!

  • DeathOverDesigner

    I was at this show!!

  • JB

    I’d like to see the nike air return for the 4’s

  • Mamba

    Drake’s a hypebeast lol

  • AceofJ’s

    The 3’s were the only shoes i really wanted to have with the nike air..and I didn’t get them!! Still salty.

  • Executive

    Passed on em and didn’t look back.

  • Sole Brotha aka Seattle Slim

    I’m on the fence with the leather pants. Drake pulled it off tho. (pause..no homo) Props to this guy for doing his thing in the biz.

  • omar najeeb

    @Sole brotha aka….Lol.I ain’t mad at ya! U kno we gotta thro in our universal disclaimer before we compliment another guy or his taste. Ain’t mad at ya at all. Lol
    Drake did do that

    As for 88s , eh, ddnt wor’ bout em . Alrdy ha got my 2011joints.

  • Sole Brotha aka Seattle Slim

    @Omar. Great minds think alike man! I still got my 2011’s 3’s DS in a display case with others. I’d rather have the nike on the back but it’s not worth buying a new pair. Some kicks I wear. Some are just art on display like a urban Picasso..lol

    Let’s go Lakers!! We can beat OKC

  • Supa B

    i think the nike air on the the 3s-6s is great and all as far as looks go, but that doesnt mean the quality of the kicks are gonna be what they used to be…

  • JayOldPeachsteam


  • mask

    dont even care what drake wears anymore. he can dress like tyler the creator as long as he keeps makin good music then he will get my money. Started from the bottom on repeat for like a week now.

  • Duke

    shots outt to all the gays that like it up the azz gtfoh!