What Were Your Early Go-To Sneaker Websites?

PickYourShoes.com, via 2007 above, was a staple for me. 

Way back in the late 2000s, when Kevin Garnett was holding down Boston and I was holding down my junior varsity basketball team, the sneaker culture was rich and the Internet was our way of knowing about it.

Sneaker blogs (like the one you’re reading right now) were giving the lowdown and sneaker retail sites were giving us the market prices.

Every free period in high school, every weekday after school, every weekend and every summer, a few friends and I would refresh a few certain sites whenever we could to soak up as much information as we could. Here are a few I can remember.  

23isback.com — We liked the site because the folks who ran it were clearly obsessive Jordan heads. All the information was dope. It’s crazy, too, to look now at the site and see how nice and clean it is compared to a screenshot of it from late-2008, when every site was an eye sore.

pys.com — Are you really a sneakerhead if you never messed with PYS, though? Two things attracted us to this site; the SALES tab and the free shipping over $40. (They brought that up to $50 now, still a great deal).

Forums.Solecollector.com — WDYWT. Need I say more?

Hittin-Groove — If you haven’t heard of HG, I might have just put you on. Since way back, this dude has been pumping out OG sneakers for the low from a bunker in Japan. My first ever OG pair of Jordans, some Obsidian 12s, were from this dude for $140 shipped. Deadstock. If you ain’t hip, check his eBay store out.

FlightClub.com — I have never bought a pair of kicks from FC, but back in the day it was a great resource for high def pictures and extreme market prices.

TheShoeGame.com — Ha! Shameless plug, I know. But we were with TSG since forever, especially when G-Roc dropped the two-part collection video with Greg Street.

You don’t have to smoke a pipe to be on crack! *Greg Street voice*

Those are just a few from off the top of the dome.

I want to hear where y’all went for sneaker information, retail information, sneaker purchases, anything, when you first got into sneakers.

Let’s remember some early sneaker websites. Share your story in the comments. 

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  • This took me back! Great topic, Slam. For me, it was always NT, ISS, early SlamxHype, High Snobiety, Hypebeast, eBay, PYS, Kick-Fiend, NSB.org… maaannn the list can go on and on. But KATC was the sneaker blog that really inspired me to get up off my azz and go out and create content. KATC was based in NYC and TSG in ATL – not even fair when it comes to creating content. But I did my thang and it was all fun and worth it. Thanks Maze!

    I know I’m leaving out some of the older stuff, but I’m sure it will hit me.

  • Executive 777

    Pys doesn’t sell nike anymore, anyone know why?

  • Executive 777

    I shopped 23isback once, bought ms 6 for $315. Legit, expensive and fast shipping.

  • $Matt

    uptempoair, osneaker, NT, bnyconline

  • Young rich Exec.

  • What up! I haven’t seen you comment in a min. You good?

    I def remember those sites. Bnyc dude owned several online retail sites. He was all about that sneaker money.

  • I didn’t know that. If I’m not mistaken PYS owner also owns BAIT so maybe some political thing?!

  • DJR

    I ain’t giving y’all dudes my secret sites hahahahahaha. Nah G I think you named most of them. I did frequent a site called skiptomyshoes and solecollector which is still around.

  • Jay

    Pys to me was the greatest sneaker site of all time until like 2009. I use to mess with this site called skiptomyshoe and copped the grand piano airmax 1’s. Theshoegame for content because it was the only site that gave love to the South.

  • I read the first sentence like… he trying to hold back 10 year sites??? lmao

    Def remember skiptomyshoes.

  • Ha! DJR just mentioned Skiptomyshoe. PYS is where I went to see what shoes just came out. Not because it was a blog but because if I saw them selling them I knew the shoe just dropped lol

    Only thing missing at PYS was a blog or forum.

    I appreciate that. I had to shine light on the south.

  • $Matt

    Everything is great! Don’t comment much anymore but this site is still my first go to site of the day several years running now. Oh how things have changed in this sneaker world lol…….. I still have the Fat Joe sneaker wipes you gave away!

  • Slam

    Lol. Skiptomyshoes is one I forgot about. Used to browse that regularly.

  • Slam

    citysole! A good one. Uptempoair, too.

  • Slam

    Damn. Shows how long I’ve been out the PYS loop!

  • Slam

    NSB.org. Wow, a real treasure.

  • Slam

    https://n-sb.org/, man, turns out they’re still going strong.

  • $Matt

    remember AIR RANDY?

  • $Matt


  • Slam

    You jsut brought me back, man. Wow. Now — help me remember — was he fake or did he get B-Grades? What was his deal?

  • Of course.

  • Lol people are either too young or lying if they say no.

  • WOW! I thought they were shut down years ago.

  • $Matt

    Who knows… hes not around, so that says something i guess. But… MarqueSole is still around and they said the same about them

  • Jay

    Yeah man all the blogs seem to be catered to California or the northeast. The south usually get left out of not only blogs but shoe collaborations as well until recently.

  • Jay

    I definitely copped a few classics from skiptomyshoe

  • Slam

    That’s the name I couldn’t remember! Almost pulled the trigger on MarqueeSole about 10 times.

  • $Matt

    Air Randy and Marquee always were the first to drop pics

  • aSh

    Man was about to say AirRandy and Marqee Soles too lol.. also OSneakers and 23IsBack too.. PYS was my ultimate go to tho..

  • Executive 777

    Lol! I check them out once in awhile.

  • Executive 777

    I have no idea, I copped the Cincinnati red Griffey from them and were super legit and then some am95 which seemed suspect as hell.

  • Executive 777

    Lol! ?

  • Carl Peak Sr

    Well since I’m an true OG head I got to join in, I see someone put ISS but others from the 90’s were shoetrends, promo-shoe, indemandconceptz, vintagekicksusa, nikepark, nikestreet there’s more I can’t think of right now

  • sirfresh

    Greedy genius lol

  • Laced Heat

    crookedtongues.com was my go to and Colette which is soon to be closed down. Pickyourshoes.com as well was the spot for older stock that didn’t sell.

  • JohnGotty


  • JohnGotty

    Shoe Trends. Vintage Kicks. NDemand Conceptz. Orinda Hoops. Sneaker Pimps. Jersey Joe. The original ISS. UptempoAir.


    Osneaker. TSG used to have the shop option word lol


    I remember nicekicks having profiles back in the day with default pics and daily rotations

  • Thad Greer

    Amen to that last part lol

  • Rich EightyNine Watkins

    For me, it used to be ISS, FlightClubNYC, PYS, Sneaker files, Sneakerplay and kicksfinder. I can’t forget the TSG Community, I miss those days.

  • Ron Simms

    I’ve gotten a few pairs of shoes from PYS (2010 AM 90 Infrareds, Koston SB Thai Temples). And their prices were legit. Too bad they don’t carry the brands they used to back in the day. Bought a few pairs from Flight Club too on the low. RIF LA been the jam…Always got my news from The Shoe Game, Hypebeast, Slam x Hype, Freshness Mag, Highsnobiety, Kicks On Fire, and I think that about covers it.

  • Ron Simms

    Definitely aint the same without the blog

  • For me it was definitely PYS, 2005-2008 they had the best heat ever. I’m just mad that I wasn’t me now back then. I couldn’t afford to buy a lot of shoes from them. The best deals I ever seen was they had CDP 3s for $209.99 and they sat for like 2 years in a full size run. Gosh I miss those days. They had the best Dunks from 2001-2007. Vintage Nike Bball shoes from from the early 90s DS at great prices. If I had the money I have now back then I would easily probably have 400 pairs of shoes vs the 80 I have now. LacedLaced was good too they just taxed too much for some of shoes on there. Of course Instyleshoes too, OSneakers.

  • Slam

    Amen, brotha.