Eastbay Flamed on Twitter Over Horribly Styled Model and It’s Hilarious

eastbay flamed

Eastbay is the latest victim of Sneaker Twitter as they were forced to delete a really terrible tweet over the past 24 hours.

At 5:45pm, a tweet from the account went out with the caption, “Game-day style meets the streets.” A rather peculiar caption when you look at the image attached.

A model is featured wearing freshly ironed Walmart x Jordache jeans in the worst wash possible coupled with the Nike Big Swoosh which is equally as bad.

Perhaps this image would have related more to Soccer Dad’s, but street style is it NOT. It all started when @WhereToCop decided to let Eastbay know what’s up, then the rest of Sneaker Twitter went wild.

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Even though there’s a delete feature, just know nothing ever gets deleted off the internet, lol. The power of Social Media is unprecedented. When it comes to style and sneakers on the internet, you better be on point or face slander.

We’re sure Eastbay is reconsidering their style team as we speak.

PS: Eastbay, I’d be more than happy to offer my photography and styling services in the near future! Just slide in the DMs.

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  • Executive

    That’s how most of the lames who responded dressed before they purchased their so called swag.

  • The power of social media. lol

  • Heck yeah! Before they could stalk people with style on IG. Before their first Yeezy Season piece. Before their first Fear of God piece. Ok. I’m done. lol

  • PsychadelicSavage

    Not quite #NTDenim, but those jeans are pretty fly. Gotta be Brett Favre in that pic

  • Walmart x Jorache Season 2

  • ErnestoWorldWide

    size “husky”.

  • Executive

    Lmao! Word bruh.

  • Erosion

    Sounds like the ppl complaining are complete d’bags. The shoes are nice. They have Barkley tooling.