Edison Chen’s Sneaker Closet

And you thought your sneaker room needed cleaning. Edison Chen the actor, musician, and founder of CLOT has a very serious shoe game. It’s no secret that Edison is a huge fan of sneakers, but yesterday he shared an image on Instagram of his sneaker closet. That’s beyond crazy, but who are we to judge? I’m pretty sure most of our collections would look like that if we got rid of the boxes, but even Mr. Chen knows his collection needs some order. Where’s our proof? Edison’s caption reads: “Cleaning (in progress)” Good luck with that, Edison.

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Does your sneaker closet resemble Edison’s or do you have better organization?

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Lord G-Roc from the Great South. Twitter/IG: @GRocSmith

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  • mask

    yes he has more shoes than alot of folks but how many did he get for free???i respect the “heads” that pay every penny for thier heat not the rich folks that get handed free product (rich get richer). I’ll respect his hustle though…the man puts in work

  • Igotemallnoreallyido

    ^^^^ second that notion. Nevertheless cool pic but I always say celebrity collections don’t count for showing off purposes becuz they get plenty of free stuff and get it earlier

  • iPhresh

    wheres the jays all i see is the cardinal 7’s

  • Jerronimo aka Seattle Slimm

    ^^I see a whole lot of J’s in there man. That is a lot of kix. Good luck on organizing all that!

  • atgbryan



    Now this is nasty!!! What a waiste. Can’t imagine the smell in there. Jup…they are just worth nothing to him, since he can have every pair new again. Still I would live like that. You can eat of the floor in my sneaker room! Facebook: BOONIEH BERLIN.

  • Mater

    Sniqqa Boonieh’s shit is serious smh lol

  • Mater

    WOAHHH i respected boonies collection until i saw his infrared 6s -__-

  • Towelie

    Good stuff.

  • @iPhresh – Look harder! There’s a bunch of Jordans in the photo.

  • Dexter T.

    Gotta give it to the guy, even though he does get a ton of hook ups, his taste is eclectic. Asia’s sudden surge in the Roshe Runs are all down to him.

  • R

    collection?? that ISH !! is a MESS !!.. how can you let this get out of control… says alot about a person… KEEP ME OUT OF THIS ROOM !!