Eminem Gives Prince Fielder Encore Jordan 4’s

Eminem-Prince-Fielder-Jordan-Encore-4Rick Williams and Ro Colt, the co-owners of Detroit-based boutique Burn Rubber have made a video segment of what goes on around their shop. The first episode involves Detroit Tigers Prince Fielder stopping by the shop and asked them for a special sneaker. Prince Fielder wanted a pair of the super rare Air Jordan 4 “Encore”.

So the Rick and Ro called around in search for one of the rarest sneaker in one of the most popular sizes. Enjoy the full video of Detroit Rubber : Episode 1 and expect a big surprise from a special guest to help them with their sneaker quest.

Rick Williams and Roland “Ro” Coit are the pre-eminent sneaker heads in Detroit and owners of the premier sneaker shop in the area, Burn Rubber. Since they took over the store in 2007, Rick and Ro face challenges every day as they grow Burn Rubber into a worldwide lifestyle brand, but nothing compares to their ambitions today:  opening their second location and a brand new lifestyle brand, two/eighteen. Watch the drama unfold as the guys hustle to keep the ship afloat, managing a crazy cast of characters while maintaining their clout in Detroit hip hop culture.

It takes a village to find the right pair of shoes for a professional athlete making a seemingly impossible request, but Ro and Rick are on the job!

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  • Super dope episode, especially for the first one. Great job, Rick and Ro.

  • Dguy23

    So he ended up getting them for free?!

  • Dope episode!!! Thx for posting this

  • P.A.’s Finest

    He better have paid for them shi*s, and if he didn’t that’s BS. Celebs and pro athletes have the money to pay for it, but they are the ones to get shii for free and a cameo by Eminem himself!!! Wonder what would happen if a regular person went and asked for the same thing, bet it would be a different story! I could be wrong though cause I don’t know them cats like that. Highly doubt it though

  • SPINS6136

    Still makes me sick we couldn’t keep Prince in Milwaukee.

    Small market crushed again.

    Didn’t help his wife said to him point blank, “I want out of Milwaukee!” (cuz the D is so much better…lol)

  • JBYRD23

    ^^^ @SPINS6136 HAHA! LOL! Dope episode really enjoyed it! Just goes to show you how exclusive some J’s are…

  • edson

    Looking forward to the next episode

  • JB

    dope video! I’ll be on the lookout for the next episodes

  • shoe guy


  • Towelie

    I would’ve atelast offered free World Series tickets.

    Fielder better have thanked the Burn Rubber cats.

  • AJ head

    The problem is that encore4s will crumble within few years.

  • Executive

    Could’ny imagine walkin in a room and Eminem jumps up to give me daps! I would be star struck like a mug.

  • Real dope episode! Thats a crazy way to open up your show tho, having two heavy hitters in Eminemn and Prince Fielder in the first episode

  • Rlnhrd276

    @p.a.s finest probly be like giving sumone a coke from the fridge then asking them to pay for it,10k probly not a lot of money when you making couple hundred mill