Entourage x Nike SB Dunk Low “Lights Out” Cancelled

Unfortunately, all news can’t be good news. With that said, today TSG can confirm that the highly anticipated Entourage Nike SB Dunk Low “Lights Out” has been cancelled and will not be releasing on Black Friday. According to the info provided to us, the Dunks will not release due to legal issues surrounding the Entourage branding. We know this isn’t exciting news, but it’s our job to keep you informed with the latest news, even if it’s bad news. As the right insole reads: The End.

Feel free to vent in the comment section.

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  • snkrfiend713

    MAN I WAS going to pass ont he cement 3’s for these oh well

  • bred.phred

    So what’s gonna happen with all the shoes?

  • John B.

    that’s stupid

  • John B.

    why don’t they just change the insoles to all black or something and release them? they COULD make it easy on everybody

  • @ John B
    I was thinking the same exact thing.

  • rallycars

    I know they made them because some people got them early, not just the friends and family edition with the black outsole and the entourage tongue branding. Nike always does this bs. Watch the DB 4s get pulled next. Just pay off New Line Cinema and give me some damn Freddies. I was kind of feeling them, but have mighty crown dunks, black flips 3s, and black cements on lock. I won’t cry and lose sleep as I have plenty of black cemelephant prints already.

    There is always the possibility they are just delayed as in the Cheech and Chong dunks. I heard something about a february release a few weeks ago. I’m not sure which info is more current.

  • atgbryan

    ehhh all good, these are nice but nothin crazy, wasnt planning on grabbing a pair

  • Reminds me of the Freddy’s, which is one of the dopest SB’s to date. Hopefully these don’t follow the same path and we never see them, that gum sole makes these look dope as hell.

  • Lights Out….no pun intended.

  • AlSneaks

    with all of the past issues over copyright I don’t understand why this wasn’t resolved earlier or even before production. 2 leaked versions and a tentative release date for later this month and NOW they have legal issues?

  • John B.

    AlexthaGr8…great minds think alike sir!! lol AlSneaks…WHAT U SAID!!

  • DJ_Imperiald

    to be real…there has already been an sb that is all black upper w/ the gum sole…minus elephant print of course lol nobody wanted those i remember seeing those on sale for like 20 no lie

  • Weezy23

    Dam i love that shoe and these were tops on my list for the rest of the year even over concords ( got the dmp 11 only reason why) but damn awww well i guess!!

  • I will take Ross pro b over this. Yall can cry , I will go for vintage

  • BooBoo

    They looked better with the black sole anyways, but watch em’ drop eventually like the Cheech & Chongs did. Also, Nike might do something with the pairs they already made. Outlet stores maybe? Like the shelved Air Jordan 1 Banned.

  • I would like to understand why Nike seems to be the only company
    to Publicly run into legal troubles when it comes to licensed releases?

    Adidas will drop COLLECTIONS with official logos, artwork, etc. and
    Nike can’t crank out a single shoe without hitting a snag.

    To top it off, they’ll drop a ___(insert shoe name)___ obviously inspired
    by something from popular culture and leave it to the public to label
    it and then Hype + confusion + resellers + hype(again) = sellout

    Heinekens? (cease and desist)
    Mork & Mindys?
    Ferris Buellers?

    I could go on but you get the point. Nike is the biggest shoe company in the world and licensing should not be a major hurdle for them.

  • LG

    These remind me of the Ostrich Dunks.

  • The Epidemic

    Mannnnnnnnnnnnnnn are you serious??!!!! I had my connects right and everything for these……o well. More money for the Miami 9’s and Concords.