Inside Look: Eric Koston’s Sneaker Collection

Do you want to see Eric Koston’s sneaker collection? Well, you won’t be able to see his entire collection, but in his recent Footnotes segment with The Berrics, Koston gives us a look at his shoe collection. Check out the preview photos and then watch the video by clicking here. Enjoy and let us know what you think.

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  • Shawty Black aka Don’t Let Me Talk to your Girl or I’ll make Love to Her Mind

    He should’ve had the Thailands and the low blues in his own collection. Classic Koston!

  • brennanizm

    I’d like to see someone document Derek Anderson or Bibby’s home collections; both athletes who have been under Jordan Brand contracts since day 1. They probably have heat in serious numbers.
    If MJ ever let a camera in on his stash, that might be the grail of all collections. Maybe his youngest son could document that…(?)…Then again, MJ probably has his collection spread across several homes etc.

  • Zack Attack Johnson

    I dont give a shit what he has, he probly gets all his shit for free anyways.
    Zack Attack Johnson likes crystal meth CUPCAKES!

  • Definitely one of my all time favorite skaters; I think its pretty cool to see Sneakers evolving from “Just a black male,” kinda thing.

  • Ya’ll need to find the part 1 video when he goes through his boxes in his garage! SO good! These are great videos and really show a very personal side of the relationship he has with Nike personally and professionally!