Erin Andrews Reebok Zigtech Photo Shoot

In case you haven’t heard, ESPN’s Erin Andrews is endorsing Reebok’s ZigTech ladies line. In this video you get to see behind the scenes footage from Erin’s Reebok photo shoot, and Erin also speaks on Reebok’s ZigTech line.

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  • big d o

    she’s awesomely overrated…she has some brains about her though…Rosa Acosta and women like her should take note..there’s a way you get the big deals and a way to forever be doin lil’ hood photo shoots…

  • Waiting for the beasting to begin…

  • 23edge

    I would give her a JizzTech endorsement deal…

  • Lem

    Good look for her. She fits into that well. I agree with bid d o. There’s a right and wrong way to do it.

  • John B

    i love erin andrews!! zigtechs? eh, not so much.

  • If my zigtech’s come with Erin Andrews, I’ll cop Reeboks at retail prices for life.

  • LOL @ the comments in here.

  • Boosh

    you may know me from espn, the sidelines, or some shady naked pictures on the internet.