Ewing 33 Hi “Jamaica” – First Look

It looks like the latest Ewing 33 Hi colorway will pay homage to Patrick Ewing’s birthplace, Kingston, Jamaica. The predominately white leather upper is accented with the colors of the Jamaican Flag. One notable feature is the embroidered Coat Of Arms of Jamaica located at the back heel.

Check out the detailed images of the Ewing 33 Hi “Jamaica” below and stay tuned to TSG for the latest release updates.

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Images: titolo

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  • I like this colorway n the inspiration behind it. I dont think a colorway can even look bad on the ewing 33

  • kris

    Gimme em in all black and ima use em as boots

  • yung crac

    aint no fun less we all get some

  • MM

    They need to release other models asap.

  • Just Kicks


  • shoe guy

    MG so now they will make a version of this ugly shoe for every damn country…lol

  • omar najeeb

    Everybody take one gues as to who, on this page, needs to stay the “u kno wut” away from sneaker sites since nothin seems to impress him.
    Ill be one the”uncool” mfckrs and call these a must-cop. SORRY if we should thk o’wise

  • Chevy Boy

    I like them, but an all black upper would look much better.

  • omar najeeb

    @chevy boy
    I like that thought there. Only thing if ewing has thought of that, they’d prob hold it bac since they just releas the blac/wht hi

  • JBYRD23

    Great concept, paying homage is always good. Clean colorway.

  • Dodi

    If you not at least 30-35 years of age you don’t know nothing about shoes. We came up when these shoes first dropped like all the jordans had dem when they first dropped. Now u can’t even get them because people who didn’t even grow watching these players run after shoes because it’s a popular shoe.