Fab Said Please Don’t Touch His Raf

Fab x Raf.

Fashion will always amaze me. I remember first seeing Raf Simons adidas Ozweego sneaker and laughing to myself and saying, “no one’s going to wear these.” Boy was I wrong!

Everyone from your favorite rapper to your favorite IG fashion influencer rocks with the Ozweego. You can also add Fabolous to the list of Raf cosigners.

I’m definitely going to let y’all have this one, but as I always say, do you baby blue. In the event you’re not familiar with the phrase “please don’t touch my Raf,” watch ASAP Rocky’s video below.

How do you feel about Raf Simons clothing and his Ozweego sneaker?

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  • curt diggler

    No Adidas sketchers for me, but I’m guessing the majority of folks that want these only want them because their favorite “influencer” took a picture in them….and ugly expensive shit is in style now

  • Ray.

    Fab always look like he dont wanna be bothered lol..

  • Thad Greer

    Ahhh….Fabolous. The rapper that should have but just won’t go away.

  • theloverswineverytime

    Does he still make any music?

  • javi

    U should know. I mean u do know it all..right??

  • DJR

    I’ve never been a fan of these sneakers. I don’t own any RAF clothes either. Some of the stuff is ok but it’s not better than any other high fashion designer so it’s whatever. I would buy the clothing if I saw something priced right and liked it but those sneakers are just a no go but I have 2 nephews that rock those ugly things.