Fake Air Yeezy Lookbook – Say No to Fakes Vol. 16

Fake Air Yeezy

This is what happens when a sneaker gets more hype than the Hollywood Summer Blockbuster. Dear God what on earth do we have here? Kanye you and Nike need to release the Yeezy’s A.S.A.P. because this makes no sense. Come on for crying out loud, these motherlovers have a freaking Air Jordan 3 sole????? NUFF SAID!

We won’t give the site that’s selling them credit. However, the site is selling them for $58 and have sizes 8-13. Another sad case of Say No to Fakes.

Thanks to Elroy Jetson for the heads up!

Fake Air Yeezy Lookbook…lol

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Fake Air Yeezy

Fake Air Yeezy

Fake Air Yeezy

Fake Air Yeezy

Fake Air Yeezy

Fake Air Yeezy

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  • Sorry Yeezy fans…SMH 🙁
    Somethings gotta shake quickly because this is sad!

  • Scoop

    Lol!! look at the swoosh and all these terrible made up colorways. the sad thing is that there are people who have already bought these thinkin they were hott. thanks g

  • ^No prob Scoop…

  • Jon Blaze

    lol this is 2 funny…and it looks like these fakes reach all the way to your knee cap, a super hightop

  • Jay Bills

    lol good stuff g-roc. thanks for the laugh

  • C Lo

    What next? One of the best say no to fakes to date G.

  • Let me start with this disclaimer: I DO NOT ENDORSE FAKE SHOES…FAKES ARE THE ANTICHRIST!

    Otherwise, I still maintain that the “Air Yeezy” is a good-looking pair of kicks and I really like the style…however,


    Real sneakerheads should throw red paint on anyone wearing these …the same way PETA does when they see someone with a fur coat! (j/k…if you do this and get arrested don’t mention my name) 🙂

  • Just spotted these too.
    It’s so damn sad. Fakers are fast. They should be burned to death. :-X

  • C Brown

    Hey maybe this is a sign that they will be produced…..Remember those horrible What the Dunks were on bootlegg’d wayyyyyyyyyyyy before they came out….Keep hope alive, but please kids, say no to fakes…

  • RJ

    they got Jordan on the bottom and everything
    that is truely sad

  • i say no but if g-roc showed these without you knowing they were fake and told you these were new colourways most would be going yes

  • i agree with kaveire

  • money$matt

    ^ fo sho

  • sbhollisterdude

    does anyone know the website so that i can go look and laugh at these fake ass shoes!!!!!hahahahahahahaha

  • CenValCali

    Wtf? Already? Nike vice squad…sick em boys!!

  • abelinoSFV

    True dat…. good fakes I don’t rock fake’s and I hate to see dude’s think they are all that with fake but… whatever

  • Kooly

    This is messed up. People will be rocking the fakes before the real ones even drop. Good find G-Roc.

  • sneakerfreaker06

    Omg! This is a horrible attempt at making money. These would be super easy for any real sneakerhead to spot. Very obvious. I mean the sole says Jorda on it, and that swoosh, not to mention the poorly painted “pleather” or fake leather. Anyway this was a good laugh and goes to show you people on here,”look at some of the names above” have no idea what there taking about and are not true sneaker conniseaurs!

  • #
    Comment by sbhollisterdude August 26th, 2008 at 2:25 pm

    does anyone know the website so that i can go look and laugh at these fake ass shoes!!!!!hahahahahahahaha

    Right.. you want a good laugh?.. or a pair? Lol nah im effin wit cha.

    But no lie.. the colorways on these are hott. “But say no to fakes!”

  • Equis



  • Louisiana Madden King

    i saw sum fake sh*ts like this on a site called goodnike

  • imflyrite

    hahah jordan on the bottom


    THE REal YEEZYs are ugly and so are the fakes. I hope they never release these shoes.

  • CoRY

    and i thought i seen everything until now haha

  • Saw these on eBay, laughed and kept it moving!!! I knew the Air Yeezy had a sole that looked like the AJ3 sole, but I didn’t notice the fake shoe actually said “Jordan” on the sole. SMH…

  • elroyjetson

    The shoe is out here in minnesota and trust me ive seen cats wearin them. They’re a joke.

  • elroyjetson

    the site is tradebsb.com and i found it not groc. im not mad at groc but i couldnt believe i didnt get any love on this find. but shout out to groc for taking what i gave him and exposing them for the heads.

  • ^^I’m about to hop on that site and order 6 pairs in each colorway!!!!!!!


    I hope they release the real ones……

  • nellynumberthree

    These are horrible. They look like ultra high tops. I really hope I see someone with these on so that I can call them out and educate these ignorant cats.

  • i hope those fakes inspire some sick colorways for the official joints.

  • “You may have paid for school but you can’t buy class” -JayZ
    Before they’ve even been officially released…this ish is classless garbage!!!
    BroccoliCityDOTcom don’t do fakes….

  • The jordan sole is hilarious. These jus made my day lol.

  • I’m Speechless

  • XkrispyELI

    why does it say jordan on the sole?

  • sidewayze

    SMH, they had to release the yeezys before THIS TRASH happens.

  • MDvillian

    if it aint real it aint right

  • kingdom

    I bet they not even glow in the dark

  • Lucky

    haha w.e site this is they put the fake yeezys on ebay n people are actully buying them lol

  • My bad Elroy. I have edited the post and gave you proper credit. Thanks once again sir.

  • j wats

    wow. this sucks man. but u agree wit c brown maybe this hope that they will release…..

  • I could care less if people are rocking fake yeezy’s. As in the musice industry those fake factories are just “sampling” like Kanye does with all his songs.

  • No disrespect but who gives a damn if you found the site?.. Lol, news is news.. Sound childish how you didnt get credit for finding a fake website” and you lt the world know.. haha just amuses me how you HAD to point it out that you found the site.

  • solediva

    ^ Lmao. I was thinking the same thing.


  • RJ

    iKnow that iAm going to see a couple of people with these on their feet when iGo back to school
    iAm taking pics of all fakes and sending all of them to G-Roc’s e-mail 🙂

  • LOL.

  • Elroy

    Look at the lames on the site hatin on my find for the heads. U damn right i want my credit. No disrespect groc.

  • ^No biggie, and your credit was added to the write up!

  • Yo, i said with “No Disrespect”.. So the lame thing is kind of “LAME”.
    If it was such a big deal, why not email G-Roc yourself to address that you want credit for what you’ve found…. Wow.

  • DRE

    the website is Hypesneakers

  • MoMo

    wow enuff said

  • HmM

    Actually, my understanding is that the Yeezy is actually part of the Jordan line. Hence the Jordan sole is not a sign of a fake. Go to Undefeated and ask the guys there.

  • i’m so glad i googled fake airyeezy’s.
    i was so close to buying two pairs of the ones above.
    i’ll get these soon.