Fans Steal Leonardo DiCaprio’s Sneakers

Leonardo DiCaprio

Ladies chillax, Leonardo DiCaprio is ok. However, his feelings may still be hurt about his Nike Dunks that were taken from him in Kyoto, Japan. According to NY Post, DiCaprio was visiting a hilltop shrine in Kyoto last week when asked by fans to pose for a picture. Leo declined by pointing to a sign prohibiting photography on the premises. The fans waited until he took off his Nike Dunks to enter the temple and then stole his sneakers. The shady fans left DiCaprio barefoot. That’s the word folks! No info on what kind of Dunks Leo was rocking, probably some Paris SB Dunks…

Read Article: Fans Steal Leonardo DiCaprio’s Sneakers

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  • Henrayy

    That’s what you call “fans”?


    i guess the fans were attracted to the dunks than him!



  • Jay Bills

    i want to know what type of dunks they stole???

  • Spradley

    lol such fans

  • Converse King

    That’s ok. Being in Japan at the time, I’m sure he found some great replacements.

  • Sucks, but at least he won’t have any monetary issues with regard to getting a new pair. 😉

  • Eric

    I didn’t know Leo was a sneaker head.

  • macabrecrown666

    I’m just relieved leo wasn’t hurt.^^^^^^^^^^^ very homo erotic picture by the way.

  • dats wat dat stingy bastard gets

  • 23edge

    Note to self: Japanese people like to steal

  • 23edge – What up homie? Make sure you sign up for the TSG Community and send me a friend request.

  • frank

    LOL@ 23edge’s comment. What about Americans? 😛 IE Holy Grail LA.

    Well if you think about it, anyone would steal. Well not anyone…but you know what I mean.


  • CenValCali

    ^ Yea, I need some Viotechs in my life….
    Leo shoulda used a locker to store em or tie em together & put it on his shoulders….

  • AK

    WHO KNOWS… nike mite research the dunk he wore and drop: Nike Dcap Robber Dunks – low

  • Jerronimo

    lol..I got jacked at a party at an “asian” friends home. They stole my brand new 15’s the day they came out back in 99 or something. I WENT HOME IN FLIP FLOPS, SAD DAY….but I do not blame all asians or the person who through the party. Individuals steal not a whole race. But for the record…Fuk that person in Washington!!

  • Someone stole my cousin’s original stealth foams at the nail salon way back when.

    Not sayin, just sayin.