Fat Joe Spotted Rockin’ Olive 9’s

As most Jordan Brand fans patiently wait for that November 17th date to arrive, celebrities like Fat Joe already has dibs on the upcoming Air Jordan 9 “Olive” 2012 retro. Fat Joe a.k.a Joey Crack was recently spotted rocking a pair of the Olive 9’s while sitting on top of a lime green Lamborghini.

Although Fat Joe is rocking his pair in the bright sun, the mixture of black smooth leather along with an earth-tone olive nubuck looks more suitable for the fall/winter weather. Look for the Air Jordan 9 “Olive” 2012 retro to hit JB accounts on November 17th with a retail price set at $160.

Let us know in the comment section below if you’re coppin’ or passing.

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  • Shane D.

    People are going to sleep on these again. Watch!

  • Jay

    I was never a fan of this shoe. Most people will only buy it this time around because others are so excited about this shoe. Hype…

  • Olive color on these are a little off. But, then again I haven’t seen it in person yet so….

  • Shoe String

    I’ve seen these up close at Footlocker in a display case. The color is off. I’ve been on the fence about copping these. I owned the original Olive 9’s and these just don’t measure up. I’ll pass on these and waite for the Cool Grey’s.

  • K.billy

    Poor lambo

  • aSh

    ^^^ LMAO…

  • Guess Who?

    Fusion olive’s were better quality wise…

  • John B.

    They look so plastic…the Olive c/w of the 1 Phats might be goin down instead of these…not sure yet though…probably better quality to be honest and 55 bucks cheaper!