Fila 96 Spring 2016 Preview

fila 96

Super early look.

Up next we offer a look at what Fila will have to offer come Spring ’16. Fila will release four new colorways of the 96 aka Grant Hills first quarter of 2016. Take a look at the photos below and be sure to share your always honest feedback. More preview are on the way. Stay tuned!

fila 96 2016

fila 96 2016 sneaker

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  • Rich EightyNine Watkins

    The gradient fade one is clean.

  • Preet

    Damn, why are they doing this? Desperation?
    So many dope shoes I remember from my childhood that haven’t retro’d yet… The Bubbles, Jamballs, the fcuking Mashburns!

  • bluethasavior

    Im chillin

  • Lem

    Yep! Will get those.

  • omar najeeb

    I’m good on all-o-deez. Grabbed a couple of the OG colorways so i’m done with this model.

  • javi


  • Midwest

    Can we just get og’s please. As true to the original as possible. No funny colors, no logo changes just originals.

  • John Temple

    These shoes I got the tobacco road and some white and orange ones on the way ask I want is the all red ones and I’m done too with this model