Fila Grant Hill 2 2013 Retro – First Look

fila-2013-spring-grant-hill-ii-retro-agenda-nycFila will give fans a blast from the past with the return of a few classics models including Grant Hill’s signature shoe. The Grant Hill 2 will return in 2013 will a few original and new colorways. This retro will stay close to the original version and is equipped with the shape and tumbled leather materials.

For those who wants to relive the 90’s, look for the Fila Grant Hill 2 2013 Retro at Fila outlets today.

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Image: HB

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  • G-Phi 2K6

    YES!!! HELL YES!!!

  • JB

    I don’t like them

  • prl2

    these retroed like 3 years ago!!!

  • SoleAmbition23

    DOPE! Can’t wait!!

  • Hahahaha! This is funny

  • LG

    im good

  • The Boss

    Got these in 2008 on clearance for $36. I wonder how much another pair is going to cost me this time?

  • Executive

    Pac had these on in the all eyez on me booklet, and he had the shadow 10’s on in the how do you want it/hit em up single booklet.

  • Lem

    My first pair of signature shoes. A must have for me.

  • Boss

    Same here Lem. I was in 7th grsde and my uncle got them for me that christmas. Got back to school and everybody had these and Concords. Bought a pair for my father for christmas and he was HYPED! Good memories.

  • Sole brotha

    These sat on store shelves for months when they retrod 3 years ago. I got a pair for $30 or something. I bet they sell out now…. This game is funny

  • @Sole brotha- You said it exactly right! Thats why all I could do is laugh on my first comment on this post at the top. Fila can see the hype coming. They know exactly what they doing

  • Chevy Boy

    I’m on it!!! I need a crisp pair of these…

  • omar najeeb

    $#!!!!t ! I missed them coupl yrs ago. Ddnt kno they retroe to tell the truth. Its on like popcorn this time! Salute