You Can Now Finance Sneakers On Flight Club

Do you want to cop heat, but don’t exactly have the funds to drop thousands of dollars at one time? Flight Club has the answers to all of your problems because you can now finance sneakers online.

Typically with any high priced items such as cars, houses, or wedding rings, you’re able to finance goods (borrow money) from a credit company as long as you agree to pay the money back with interest.

As originators and leaders in the consignment game, Flight Club saw a void in their industry and applied a normal business tactic to increase sales. Flight Club decided to quietly give sneakerheads the option to finance sneakers up to a full year after the purchase. For example, if you’re looking to cop a pair of “Fragment” Air Jordan 1’s, you can finance them through AFFIRM for as low as $123.01 per month. That sounds a lot better than $1,400 upon check out. Nike Air Mags come out to a cool $702.90 per month if you’re feeling froggy.

fragment finance flightclub

So how does one go about using AFFIRM to finance sneakers on Flight Club? According to their instructions it’s pretty simple:

Enjoy your purchase immediately, with no hidden fees.

Provide some basic information and get instant approval to split your purchase (up to $10,000) into 3, 6, or 12 monthly payments with rates from 10-30% APR.

Just select Pay with AFFIRM at checkout.

Would you consider financing sneakers on Flight Club if your grails were really expensive? Share your thoughts, concerns, comments, and feedback down below.
financing affirm flightclub


About The Author

Professionally sarcastic, but I also enjoy cameras, orange juice, & airheads. instagram/twitter: @rayp_photos

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  • Dizzlerocksj’s


  • Lol people gonna get their shoes repo while waking around….lol go home with socks..

  • Dan Long

    If Eminem 4s pop back up, and I can finance over 15-30 years, they are a MUST-COP. (Kidding, the idea of financing shoes is crazy to me. If you cant afford to pay for them right away, maybe you shouldnt be buying them)

  • Executive aka 777

    Idiots about to really fuck up their lives.

  • El Fenomeno

    yo lmao

  • El Fenomeno

    if you’re flight club this is a great idea, if you’re a consumer seriously contemplating this kill yourself yo

  • @rayp_photos

    ORION AJ7’s here I come!

  • sirfresh

    You finance a house a car or maybe even furniture. BUT KICKS….HELL NAW. What does this say about the sneaker culture tho….

  • jblack

    So many ppl will be in debt the most you should do is “Bill me Later” & that’s too much.

  • omar najeeb

    If you gotta do this to get joints outta flight club, you cant afford the shit and you need to keep that dough in ya pocket for something crucial (i.e. bills, food, a “rainy day…).

  • omar najeeb

    Lmao.. WORD!!

  • Executive aka 777

    This has “dumb ass” written all over it bruh! Dudes gonna fuck up their credit trying to act like they got it.


    If you can’t afford to pay cash the you shouldn’t be buying the product

  • Pat Mcfeely

    Lol that’s too much. From a business Perspective that’s ingenious but on the consumer side it’s pure f*ckery if you finance sneakers…seriously.

  • Half the thots in the club owe these fools for butt shots already… Don’t join that team folks… #AttNEXT

  • TheChosen1

    A lot of dudes won’t b e able to use this service cus of bad credit lol. Prob aint as easy as it appears

  • Creep

    Sad, but true

  • Yahya Hussein

    Operation repo: Flight club

  • Yahya Hussein

    Wouldn’t be surprised if people chose finance shoes over a house/car

  • DJR

    This is not a new concept, eBay has been doing this for years. As others have said though it is a horrible decision to finance sneakers.

  • Joe

    im on flight club, no such option anywhere

  • $weet rigo

    I think ray p is the only person that considers those to be grails…. but to each his own. to most ppl those are trash

  • Ray.

    I’m glad all the comments are on the same page. This shit is a set up. But the scheme team is gonna be straight tho..

  • Atmos

    I can see dumb fucks hashtaging “heat for cheap” or some stupid shit.

  • adam

    30% APR is awful! That is a steep price .

  • Lickmysneakers

    yeah maybe you have to have a full on accout i had to go see this for myslef but it doesnt seem to show up. i also have never purchased from there.

  • Bruce Wayne

    shit is kinda sad– you know you gettin that dick in the butt 30% tho *pause

  • russellerving

    Agreed. This is ridiculous. Wager your finances and credit over gym shoes?
    Again, somewhere, MJ is smiling.

  • Executive aka 777

    People gonna mess their credit up over a shoe and not be able to get a vehicle.

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