First Jordan-Only Retail Store to Open In North America

Air Jordan Only Retail StoreJordan gets its own store.

In a collaborative effort between Jordan Brand and Footaction, the first Jordan only retail store is under construction. What better place to open a Jordan only store other than NYC? Specifically the store will be on 34th street between 7th & 8th Ave which is camp central for New Yorkers. The construction barrier is a giant sneaker box, now that’s branding.

With the sudden increase in Jordan releases over the past few years, this move makes a lot of sense. Would it be safe to assume other  major cities will get their own Jordan only shops such as Chicago, Miami, Los Angeles, and San Francisco?  Let’s hope so! No exact date has been announced for the store opening, however stick with TSG on more information.

If you’re in NYC check out the sight, the greatest Jordan Shop Selfie gets a retweet! Ha!

Source: NIKE

  • Shelby

    It’s not the first, San Francisco already has the first & it’s with shiekh shoes.

  • 23edge

    lol…. no

  • Executive aka Kic Flair

    Does that mean that the store gets more pairs of limited kicks?

  • Executive aka Kic Flair

    When I went to villa downtown for the black and red royal 1’s(see what I did there) they only had 13 pair.

  • lockwoodkof

    Iont see da point of this move, does dis mean fl,fa,dtlr,finishline, etc wont be geting no more js??

  • omar najeeb

    Team jordans, ‘n other BS alike, all around.

  • Mater

    Right next to foot action and down the block from hoh. Shit gonna get crazyy come release dates. Fuck dot

  • me

    the end was already here but now its doomsday..

  • Mike Wizzkowski

    That’s pretty cool but I’d love if they did a pre order program or something. I don’t have time to be camping for shoes I cherished as a child.

  • Romo

    I hope this will make coppin J’s worth it.. I kinda like the exclusivity..

  • dj_imperiald

    Big move for Jordan

  • shoe guy

    all the good stuff will be sold out at all