First Look: Nike Air Zoom Vick 2 Retro For 2015 Sample

Nike Air Zoom Vick 2 2015 Retro

TSG Exclusive.

Welcome Michael Vick back into the shoe game. Previously, there were only rumors floating around about the possibility of the Nike Air Zoom Vick 2 returning and now we have images of the actual production sample. We haven’t seen this trainer release since 2005 so Nike bringing it back 10 years later falls in line with their normal retro schedule. Michael Vick’s second signature shoe will indeed retro Fall of 2015. The original “Falcons” colorway is up first for the Nike Air Zoom Vick 2.

Vick is the first athlete Nike has ever re-signed after terminating their contract in years prior. Stick with TSG as we bring you more news regarding the Nike Air Zoom Vick 2 retro for 2015.
Nike Michael Vick 2 2015 Retro

  • HowFly

    Fuck this gimme a few pairs of those vick 3s though. My fav football shoe ever.

  • Christmas came 364 days early for G-Roc

  • ThadGreer

    I gave up looking for these in my size about a year ago, so this is definitely a welcomed surprise. Really hope they get the leather right on these.

  • from these sample photos, the leather looks good! Just hope that tech on the heel doesnt feel like a brick

  • Sedd Freeney

    i got blk/blk ogs size 13 now DS for sale

  • JohnGotty

    Man. Been searching for these for a while to no avail. Can’t wait.

  • omar najeeb

    Meh, never been a fan of tthe player or the shoe. Im glad he got paid afterall though even with devils wanting him to get the death penalty over some damn dogs.

  • Graffiti88

    Nice but I think there were better models in the Vick line.

  • June Wade

    Hey holla at me bout those vicks for sale size 13 304 888 3158 my name is June

  • JohnGotty

    show and tell. might take them off your hands.

  • Sedd Freeney

    See if you get this link to my IG. Hit my email

  • Sedd Freeney
  • biggiejax

    They are a must COP!


    I still have my originals from 2004, they look good, it’s just the airbags have burst on both shoes.

  • Jamonte’ Thomas

    Still got this colorway and the the VA Tech joints from NikeID. These were murder on my ankles, but the ones after these were super comfortable.

  • jcole7126

    Off topic ray p dont yu think yu look like j cole with tattoos in ya profile picture lol

  • Man i hope they release the Green ones.

  • rie G

    Should never have been aloud back in the NFL and should be in jail he’s nothing but trash will never buy another nike shoe

  • MellowCat

    The shoes are butt-ass ugly. Nike, of all athletes to endorse, then re-endorse, chose Vick. How classy. It shows that Nike is just looking for controversy and exploiting a demographic soulless, low-class trash that only like Vick because they respect his dog torturing and think his prison time gives him more street cred. Nike’s shoes have gotten more cheaply made with every year…I guess the foreign sweatshops and child labor is still not cheap enough to also be able to pay unworthy shitbags like Vick. Take your shoes and shove them.

  • Ellen Anderson

    Stopped wearing my favorite Nikes when they rehired that dog killer/abuser/torturer Vick. I loved Nikes since high school … but I don’t support any company that supports what Vick did to those poor animals. Anyone who idolizes a sports figure enough to support torture of innocent animals is not a decent human being. And not a decent company.