What Was Your First Pair of Nike SB Dunks?

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What was your first pair of Nike SB Dunks?

I don’t remember exactly which Dunk introduced me to Nike SB, but it was late 2003. That I do remember. I also recall asking myself what does “SB” mean. I eventually found out it was short for skateboarding.

But what I didn’t know is that I was late to the party. Nike debuted its SB line in 2002, and it was almost 2004 before I caught wind of the for skaters only sneaker line.

While surfing on eBay, I came across a pair of artsy Dunks known as the Paris Dunks. I clicked on several auctions because I was trying to figure out (at the time) why pairs were selling for $600. That was a lot of money for a pair of sneakers back then. Hell, that’s still a lot of money for sneakers in 2018. However, spending that type of money on shoes is much more common nowadays.

The next SB Dunk that caught my attention was the Heineken Dunks. I saw them on eBay and I immediately wanted a pair. I thought to myself, “When did these release and where did they release?” I felt so lost because I tried to do a good job at keeping my ear to the streets. Back then we only had ISS and NT – no blogs or social media.

I guess it’s safe to say I wasn’t doing a good job at staying in the loop. I was going to pull the trigger on a pair, but I noticed some prices were $250-$300-ish and some pairs were BIN $120. Long story short, the cheaper pairs were fake. I was so late to the party counterfeiters were already hip to the hype.

In case you’re wondering, I never bought a pair of Heineken Dunks due to fear of buying fakes. However, after I did my homework, I found out I could only cop SB Dunks at skate shops with Nike SB accounts.

I found one in Little Fives, Atlanta, GA. A shop called Stratosphere which at the time was right around the corner from Wish (now it’s located across the street).

My first time visiting the shop Lucky and Unlucky Dunks had just released. Of course Lucky Dunks sold out first, but a few Unlucky Dunks were still available so I copped a pair.

Little did I know that was the beginning of Nike SB kicking major ass for years. Those years were s amazing, creative and so much fun. I’m super thankful I was around during the SB glory days.

That’s my story. Please share your story in the comments.

What Was Your First Pair of Nike SB Dunks?

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  • theloverswineverytime

    Yeah i was late to the sb dunk party ?. Lots of dope shit i wish i coulda been aware of back then. My first pair though were those mint green joints that had the red goddess wings on em. Then after thems were these Brazil colorway-lookin joints.

  • theloverswineverytime
  • theloverswineverytime
  • OGedge

    My first pair were hunters. I wore those shoes to the ground. They’re my favorite SB, and thankfully I was able to secure a second pair that I keep deadstock. Man back in those days, you couldn’t ask for anything better than what Nike was doing. Quality sneakers, super creative, super comfortable and of course affordable ($60-$90). I remember buying sneakers weekly and thinking I was insane. Thankfully I don’t regret the collection I created because I can still wear those sneakers today and 10 plus years from now as well.

  • javi


  • Everything you said is so true. What a time it was. We will always have the memories… and some of us still have the shoes.

    I didn’t get Hunters when they dropped in 2004, but I eventually got a pair because it was one of those pairs you had to have. So fire!

    How many SB Dunks do you own?

  • sirfresh

    Skunks point blank period

  • OGedge

    I’m down to around 80 pairs of SB’s after slimming down my collection and not buying many current releases. I hate to start a diatribe but it’s just not the same. The box, the paper, the shoes was special. Remember the Skunk release? Boutiques even made window displays to celebrate a release. Or the Money Cats with the ceramic cats or the purple pigeon patch. I used to be bitter about losing all those things, but like you said we still have those sneakers to remind us of better days.


    Never owned a pair. I remember ordering the posions and the chalks together from pys. They refunded my money, guess they had sold out. Always a fan tho.

  • sinicc

    first pair was the olive low pro b, and completely missed the zoo yorks, denims.. after that, hooked. materials, comfort. killin it… my only regret, is wearing my de las too often!! definitely grabbed a bunch, sold what i truly wont wear, so someone else can wear them, which, lets be real – theyre supposed to be.. and still enjoy an sb release every now and then, when they get the materials right..

  • El Fenomeno

    gun and roses November rain mids

  • El Fenomeno

    i almost copped the london and paris joints off of coolkicks.com LMAO.

  • theloverswineverytime
  • javi

    Of course . When you got a thirst like yours there’s no stopping you to achieve your goal?

  • Steven

    Mork and Mindy’s at Clientele in NYC the good old days

  • FrostyTheCashman

    clientele was such a great shop. always stopped by to check out the new dunks there

  • DC DunKing

    1st pair was the Zoo York. I knew they were ugly but I thought someday I can pull them out to stunt at a skateboarding event. I didn’t buy anymore because I was heavy into Nike Signatures I didn’t buy in the 90s, so a whole lot of NT and Craigslist shop/swapping. Then in ’03 I copped the Supreme High Pro in Orange, wore then to the ground but luckily bout a 2nd pair that’s still on ice. I’ve always been a Dunk fan and have over 200 pair that I rotate often. Still looking for a pair of sz 13 KicksHawaii Aloha’s

  • Erosion
  • Erosion

    Alohas sound great

  • fook yo

    weigers and brian andersons from MIA skate. shout them out they were a real cool shop and showed a ton of love until a certain point…until the resellers and sneaker heads got annoying with it.

    still want another pair of weigers. buttery ass suede.

    i liked the clothing more. i had like 3 of the white cement wallets. 2 black cement wallets. i had 2 white cement hoodies, 2 black ones(still have one), 1 OG canvas backpack, 1 leather OG backpack ( been offered mean checks for these backpacks recently). like i loved the gear. I’m pretty sure a lot of that stuff is worth a good amount nowadays. esp cement print always retains value. had the OG green canvas backpack that got stolen. I was really into it.

  • fook yo

    1000% agree. before resale was crazy. i remember getting linoleum mids for like 110 or something. if u ever saw the quality on those…at that price point. it was insane.