Footaction Air Jordan 11 Restock!

Jordan 11 RestockDon’t miss out!

Say what you want, we call it looking out. Footaction is restocking the Air Jordan 11 “Bred” and the low Air Jordan 11 black/white at 8am EST Sunday on their website. Yep tomorrow before you watch the Superbowl between the Broncos and the Seahawks you get a chance to cop some kicks you might have missed out on. Links are right below!

CLICK HERE for Air Jordan 11 Bred

CLICK HERE for Air Jordan 11 Low Black/White


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  • shortymac

    shhhhhhh @theshoegame

  • just a person

    until the sht reads Non NY exclusive Air Jordan I black/royal and black/red restock to make up for the utter fiasco of last year….I don’t give a fck.

    good luck to those trying to cop on the 203048028th restock of these shoes. I’ll be trying to track down some Adidas EQTs though.

  • jaylan pearson

    are they just online or in stores ??????

  • omar najeeb

    ^^^ Word! Way past haywire on the playoff 11 restocks. A full calendar year-and-some, too. Like…ice it already.

  • ILLY

    Yo u really need to find a hobby bro ^ every time I look in the comment section there u are Lmao damn son.

  • Not Omar najeeb

    So I’m not the only who thinks Omar is a loser?
    Yo if TSG banned you, would u kill ya self??

  • The real Omar najeeb

    Shee-it y’all’s straight player hating sons! Phuggin stalking the boy!! Anyways I only comment straight fire like my bel air fives nuin’ y’all know about. No hypebeast here so phugg err-body!

  • omar najeeb

    Already got one. I like talking about sneakers. Kind of like the way u like bein a troll.
    And, to the f aggot that’s cok-riding another man’s name…No, I’m good here. I don’t hate myself enough to go trolling all over the site stalking other men to make myself feel better. Don’t you stalking-@$$ pedos have a neighborhood playground to attend to?

  • omar najeeb

    Yup. Other than that first sentence, that just about sums it up. Good job.

  • kov

    Is the site legit? help me out here guys thanks

  • Bas

    I’m a regular reader here, and these imposters are pretty pathetic, but look at it this way, you got some fans that wanted to be you so badly, they’re pretending to be you on a website.

  • unemployed_thug

    Omar you’re a hopeless bum.

  • omar najeeb

    I’m employed. And you are…?

  • Executive aka Kic Flair

    Lmao at all the dummies who got locked up over these.

  • Executive aka Kic Flair

    I remember when the dude got shot in the dome, I wonder if he made it.

  • The real Omar najeeb

    Don’t mean to brag but I have career high of 15 comments on one blog post that had no other comments son , What chu doin b

  • ILLY

    Employed doing what? Someone pays you to surf the internet all day and comment on TSG? That’s dope. Hopeless. Bum. I’d slap fire out your dumb ass if I had the chance. Just for being such a loser. Gay boy.

  • rico strong

    lmaooo yall are some clowns

  • omar najeeb

    ^^ no offence even taken. $#!+ is damn silly.

  • the real omar najeeb

    damn son cant wait for some new news, but i aint complaining, i dont mind commenting on this post some mo’

  • unemployed_thug

    Omar you collect cans for a living, that’s not a career that’s sad.


    missed out on the lows. I think they hot but I will more than likely miss out again. Thinkin about coppin the all black low top 1’s they are like dirt cheap right now.