“Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” Air Jordan 5 Retro Release Date

Air-Jordan-5-Fresh-Prince-2If Will Smith had an Air Jordan PE, this would be it…

We got a peep at a Fresh Prince of Bel-Air inspired Air Jordan 5 a few weeks ago, and now the release date has finally surfaced. Draped in a Cool Grey/Court Purple-Game Royal-Club Pink combination; this CW will also be available in a family size run as well.

For now, it’s retailed at $185; maybe suggesting that it’ll come with special packaging or premium materials. Mark your calendars because the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Air Jordan 5 has a release date on October 5th.

Air Jordan 5 Retro
Cool Grey/Court Purple-Game Royal-Club Pink
$185.00 – Men’s
$120.00 – Gradeschool
$75.00 – Preschool
$55.00 – Toddler

Via: SC/SA

Air-Jordan-5-Fresh-Prince-5 Air-Jordan-5-Fresh-Prince-6 Air-Jordan-5-Fresh-Prince-7 Air-Jordan-5-Fresh-Prince-3 Air-Jordan-5-Fresh-Prince-4 Air-Jordan-5-Fresh-Prince2

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  • Executive aka Taupe colored kicks wit da Velcro straps

    Never heard of the fresh prince but I’m allll over these!

  • justin

    These are sick!!!!

  • Nikeindabutt

    I’m not mad at these. Seems like more of a way weather colorway…wonder why they didn’t release for Spring. Anyone think we’ll get a pic of Will Smith rocking them for the celeb files?

  • omar najeeb

    185$, huh. Sigh…henceforth, the aj price hike commences!

  • omar najeeb

    @ nikeinda(well..u kno)…. I could see the prince doin a “favor” . Aka being “spotted” or maybe his lil man, jaden, in ’em. Don’t be surprised.

  • MikeyDrums86

    finally some actual pics.. they dont look as bad as in those wavy pics we been gettin so these are for sure on my radar.. i mean y not the fresh prince was ill when i was growin up and still catch a ep. now and then

  • Sole Brotha aka Seattle Slim

    $185…. lol.. You know $200 is around the corner. These are dope tho.

  • $185 because they had to run them down 2 separate paint lanes I guess… I am indifferent. Don’t need these in my basement.

  • Mids

    gross material

  • lars

    ‘never heard of the fresh prince’?? damn,i thought i was old when that show was hot! hand me my walker and depends..

  • Super easy pass! Price is nuts and JB dropped the ball on the whole fresh prince theme here. These should look much better then they do

  • These are dope and that $185 is nothing.

    Keep seeing comments about how they should be more. wth more do you want, this ain’t nike id.

  • which are better? these or laney 5s? ….laney 5s lol

  • Mike Wizzkowski

    Rather jar these then Laney’s White kicks don’t do it for me. These recent batch of pics have swayed me into buying a pair. Good job JB now.

  • gotjordans

    oh God, no!

  • A Cottner

    Never heard of the fresh prince??… Kids these days SMH

    Oh yeah.. those 5’s are coo too many retro v’s have dropped this year in my opinion and I am sorta getting worn out on em ha

  • Kels

    what stores gon’ have them??

  • Nicole

    These are too dope to pass up! I love the retros and all but sometimes you gotta step out with something different. Since I can still fit kids I will definitely pay the 120 for them.

  • O


  • Ashley

    Not $185 tho , At lest $155 or $160 , ya be over pricing us for jays , i really wanted these too cause it’s two days before my 15th birthday

  • _mykelandrewss

    yess lawhhh imm coppingg .

  • Sneaker_head

    These are sexyyyy.. Can’t wait 🙂 I pay 120 so Idc

  • solejunkee

    Yes, Yes, Yes…been lookin forward to these! I will def b scoopin these up. Pair for me and one for tha mrs.

  • Aha! its 120$ for me!!! im about to go make some cash for dese!!! #Cop

  • marcuqita

    what are the locations in Alabama that they drop at ?

  • I got to have these mf they are so dum

  • Sarhi

    I’m getting these , $120 is a good ass price for my size … These are dope af

  • Amanda

    Can you please tell me where can I get these shoes at in Lafayette Indian or in Chicago. Please and thank you

  • Amanda

    Can you please tell me where can I get these shoes at in Lafayette Indian or in Chicago. Please and thank you

  • Joey

    These are HOT! $185 pls that’s nothing too my pockets this is like a Payless sneaker too me…..MJ you did that man : )

  • shay

    I wear I Size 7 how much will mine be ?

  • kaylin

    120 in my size 6 yassss still in kids size so a def cop 185 in MAN not kids

  • Tyshanique Mitchell

    Are these jordans coming out in kids sizes ?

  • they are cute

  • nah nah

    Deff coppin these jawns $120 not bad For a 5 1/2

  • ohhh we yall i like these damn shoes fuckk i gotta crop themm # TURRNNN THEE FUCKKK UPPPP

  • mane these these khurte i want these and gone get them babby aint worried bowt nhunn

  • dayja

    does anyone know where i can order these shoes from i really want them

  • jordyn

    These are pretty much an upgrade to another pair of jordans. I saw these at sheens yes they are cute but already have the old one just an upgrade people

  • ida mayo

    How can I prepay for the new jordan 5 for me n my son

  • jennifer

    tryna purchase these shoes can u tell me how i can get them online r in Louisana Lafayette r New iberia

  • Breyonna

    Will they have them in kid sizes and where can I get them I live around woodbridge area

  • Kiu

    what about womens? this looks more like a woman shoe anyway . 185 is kinda pricy

  • toneshia

    What site do i order the kids jordans from because the stores are sizes 5 and up?

  • ebony

    To answer EVERYONE’S question, you can pick these up ANY City Gear if you city has a City Gear store. They carry ALL SIZES, infants, toddlers, preschool, gradeschool, and mens. And if you’re a woman, you can get a ‘gradeschool’ size,just knock two sizes down from your regular size. For example, if you wear a size 8 in womens, get a 6 in gradeschool.

    🙂 !

  • kazontae

    Do.they come.in a size 4

  • Do they come in a size 4 in grade school

  • Tiffany

    I wear a 5 in a half would I be able to get these

  • katrian

    Im tryna cop for the whole fam is there anywhere i can get these in fairview heights Il or online please they release tonight at midnight and i haven’t did this since my high school days my daughters 3:00 am not interested!!

  • Mya

    How much will they be if they are in a size 6 1/2

  • These shoes I’m getting these but I hope a lot ppl won’t get them at my school

  • dese jordanz dope mann….. cant wait 2 get dese shies doee:):):):)

  • Jason kern

    Do u have these in size 6 cause I have been looking for them since the release date