Fresh Sneaker Boutique Air Yeezy 2 Recap


Warner Robins is synonymous to Little League Baseball and Softball like peanut butter is to jelly. It even was bestowed as the best place to raise a family in Georgia for two years in a row. What the city of Warner Robins is not known for is their shoe game. Thanks to co-owners Jay and Cee of Fresh Sneaker Boutique, their up and coming shop helped eliminate that problem.

Fresh Sneaker is one of the very few stores to carry exclusive and hard to find sneakers in middle Georgia. Jay and Cee’s hard work and dedication lead up to Fresh Sneaker being blessed to receive anticipated Nike releases, including the Air Yeezy 2. TSG was on hand for the highly sought after Y2 release at Fresh Sneaker. Many people came from not only GA, but other states as well to be able to have a chance to obtain one of the most sought after sneakers of the year.

Check out how the Air Yeezy 2 release went down at Fresh Sneaker Boutique below.

Fresh Sneaker Boutique
405 HWY 96 suite 1000
Warner Robins, GA 31005

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  • Shout out to Jay, Cee, and the FRESH team for holding it down.

    Shout out to the Houston County Sheriffs too for keeping the crowd calm and making it safe for everyone.

    …..Yeezy 2’s!!!!!!!

  • Officialkickz

    Damn, they only got 5 pairs?

  • edizzle

    just bad…so bad. the release, the hype and the people wildin for a pair of sneakers

  • Sneakhead11

    Naw they got 18 pair but the owner decided to show love to the middle ga area FIRST then sell the other 9 pair to the general public. That shows more class than the other 2 stores in GA (y’all know who they are) that got them. I wasnt one of the lucky ones to cop a pair but I at least respect this spot.

  • L.J.

    The release was horrible. They only had five pair because they sold pairs on twitter prior to the release.

  • FucFreshBoutique

    This place is a joke and the owner Jay is a complete scam artist. Dude hyped up the shoes just to get pictures on TSG. Claimed to be selling them for retail all week and not sell early but only had 5to pair when they opened and sold them for $1070. Nike please put this guy outta business

  • FucFreshBoutique

    And the only thing worth buying in the whole store was the yeezy 2. Sucky inventory + bad business= FRESH SNEAKER BOUTIQUE

  • Darrell

    That same guy tried to charge me $250 for the Hornet lebrons on release date. Shady Business at its worst. I also told nike how he released the shoe before Saturday. Good to know there’s crooked ppl all around. Thanks for nothing not-so-FRESH Boutique.

  • Executive

    Man what has the game come to?! This may sound corny but i miss the good old days, it sucks when you have the money to buy something but its out of reach! I think i need to leave the sneaker thing alone and get back to collecting assault weapons.

  • CloseFreshBoutique

    This entire store gives the Warner Robins area a bad rep. The owner constantly advertise product that he has little of none of just to get you into the store for a bait and switch. I even saw a fake pair of Sb’s in there at one time. BEWARE!!!

  • Deadstockkickz


  • Lem

    Shoes are wack and the hype over them is ridiculous. Just my opinion though.

  • Mr. Campout

    Man shout to FRESH. I camped out and I didn’t get a sneaker, OH WELL. It’s a damn shoe, time to go to work Monday. Stand your ass in line for a job for 16-18 hours. Then I see cats talking about the owners. These are some good everyday living guys and I’m just proud to see young black males doing their thing. Thank you Nike for knowing we like shoes too and not just the people in bigger cities. AND THE BIGGEST FACTOR, IT WAS SAFE AND NO ONE GOT HURT!!!

  • Heatmakerz

    s/o to Fresh Sneaker Boutique…for a super limited release, they did the best job out of any first come first serve store. Even though I didn’t get the Yeezy 2’s, I was able to get a great deal on another shoe in the store. Very safe environment and good people that work there. I will be back!

  • Roe

    LMAO @ this article and the comments!!! These guys got exposed big time!!! They look like some damn crooks!! LoL….. Muf*ckers only got 5 pair of shoes at release and the sizes are scattered. 9, 10, 10.5, 12 and 13 @ $1070…….that’s Riddiculous!!! Bet they were selling on “da Bay” too!!! Nike needs cut these cats off completely!!!

  • imagine for a few mins how hard it must be to operate a successful boutique in warner robins ga or any small town. the only time people really show up is when an exclusive sneaker is released. when heads only buy 10% of what nike releases & they make stores buy everything (apperal & shoes) to get the 10% good releases. do the math & think like the guy on the other side of the counter who pays all those bills monthly. nike puts most indy spots outta of business with their structure unless the owner has unlimited cash flow just to invest for the love. then put yourself on nike side, how much is made from 50,000 pairs of yeezy’s at $250 retail 1.25 milion. thats peanuts for the biggest release of the year. thats what all the stores & nike has to split if the stores sell at retail

  • Executive

    Just walked into a footlocker eatin a ham sandwich and guess what i see on the shelves…

  • @djgregstreet

  • Georgia1

    If you think they only got 5 pair, you’re an idiot. Nike submitted 18 to the stores in Georgia, and they sold QUICK!!! The store is only a year old & still growing. I see potential…WATCH OUT WISH & WALTERS!!!

  • Chevyboy

    It’s obvious that u can’t please everybody. There is only one store in the nation, that I can think of, that charged retail for the Yeezy’s. But everyone knew how this release was gonna go…either you were ready for it, or you weren’t; simple as that. For every 1 person that was complaining about the price, there was another person willing to pay it.

  • Myadidas

    From the sound of the article and posts, we can assume that Gstreet and Alexdagreat got a pair for the kind words because the post and the comments from people that where there don’t match up. There is no way to defend lying to customers all week about price, releasing 5 out of 18 pair (we no all well not make it to public but 5 pair?) And last but not least having 50-60 people line up and wait to build hype/attention for your store knowing very well you only have 5 pair to release! So in my opinion this was a major fail, instead of me thinking who is this new shop that got yeezys, I need to go check them out I think they are just another shady spot that sells sneakers. Only they are two hours away.

  • Sneakhead11

    Y’all cats are funny. WISH made 300+ people buy $100 worth of merchandise just to get a raffle ticket. They had 36 pair so they made at least $30,000 before selling one shoe. Maybe it’s me but dudes complaining about fair need to either find another hobby, go on eBay and peep prices or just understand u just didn’t come up this time. Most people aren’t true sneakerheads and wanted to resell on eBay for $2000 so don’t be a hypocrite. I’ve copped foams there so I’m good on this spot. Next release, go to Walters and see what happens when your name ain’t TI or you don’t play pro ball. Stop crying like woman!

  • Executive

    ^well buddy my name is Executive, so if i go to walters for whatevers selling that day and I’m treated funny, hell will break loose that day. Lol

  • Mr. Campout

    Pairs, pairs, does it really matter. If they sold them at retail or over, they did great. Yo dumb ass got to the counter and gave them cash/ debit or credit. Yall dummies know this is a small town and they probably didn’t get a lot of shoes. Who cares though, they got them and that speakes volume… A Yeezy, the closes thing Mid GA has seen to a Yeezy is Terrance wearing them on 106 & Park…
    I’m trying to figure out why cats are talking, where in the hell is your Nike contract. Sh*t, where is your job application, is it filled out correctly? Instead of counting shoe boxes, wait several hours in line to vote and help count some damn ballots. I hope when the next release comesto FRESH, a HATER buzzer goes off and it points to them…LMAO..
    You know Middle GA doesn’t get sh*t exclusive anyways. FRESH keep doing your thang b/c you are our only hope for exclusives. I HOPE THOSE LAMES DON’T COME BACK. IT JUST CREATES MORE SPACE IN LINE FOR ME TO BE CLOSER TO THE FRONT DOOR.

  • DevanC

    I live in Warner Robins. Camped out but didnt get a pair. But i vouch for this store. They’ve only been around for a lil over a year but they’re gonna be a major player in a few years. Walters and Wish had to start from somewhere so it is wut it is. I fux wit Fresh Sneaker Boutique period.

  • CaseKicks

    So let me get this straight..A boutique got a limited edition shoe, lied about how many pairs was for sale, failed to inform people inline that there were only 5 pairs for sale, and then had the nerve to charge 4 times the price on the box?..How exactly is this something to be promoted TSG?..You guys were there and saw this and you really felt like this shop should be praised?..Everyone complains about resellers and how they hurt the game, but I say shady business practices like this are 100x’s more damaging to shoe collectors..And shame on you TSG for not doing your journalistic duty and informing your readers about the pricing situation..Way to stay un-biased..Yo groc what did they hook you up with for the free publicity?..Where’d you get your Yeezy 2’s from??..Oh and gretstreet, shut your “I get every pair of my shoes for free” self up..Until you stand in line like everyone else for hours upon hours then you can’t even talk about anything related to shoes..Go have Nike send you a big box of freebies you phony..

  • Tennessey

    Camping out + No Cop = No shoutout ….. Just kidding … Can’t please everybody … I got respect for the dudes just cuz they tryna do they thang !!!

  • atgbryan

    smh head at all this madness and bs

  • Look @ my feet

    You know I have been reading some of the comments and people are hilarious about a pair of shoes. FRESH is a good store for the Mid GA area. (6,9, OR 12 pairs, if they are exclusive, then you know where they came from) People are bashing this b/c they can’t accept the fact that the local community really showed up to cop the sneakers. True, the release was like the Olympics coming to South GA, but they handled it well. The people from out of town thought they were just going to roll, but THE POLICE DON’T PLAY. NOT ONE PERSON WAS INJURED OR FOUGHT!!! Fresh has had several releases, I’ve been to all of them and they have gone smoothly w/ no police.
    Nobody knows how many sneakers were received and if that person paid an upcharge for them, then they had the right to say no; but they didn’t, b/c it was a Yeezy.
    Shady business practices, really, how is it shady when the person is willing. Kind of like a woman yelling rape, but she’s steady pulling her dress up and kissing you at the same time…hmm…
    If this store was in a bigger city, no one would be commenting. I’m w/ the comment up top, there is finally ONE store in the Mid GA area that carries exclusives and we need that. IF YOU DON’T LIKE IT, STOP TALKING ABOUT IT AND DON’T COME BACK. WE LOVE THE FACT THAT WE HAVE A CHANCE TO GET SOMETHING OTHER THAN A JORDAN (NIKE—THANK YOU)!!! When bigger and corporate stores say they are sold out, then you say nuthin. When the YEEZY 3 drops, it just may be God’s grace they send them back to FRESH. KEEP DOING YOUR THANG TEAM, WE NEED YOU HERE FOR US!!!

  • CaseKicks

    Look@myfeet-Did your dumb ass really just compare shady business practices with rape?..You have got to be the dumbest SOB I’ve seen on the internet for atleast the past 2 days..I would sit here and rip your whole arguement to shreds, but it’d really be like a gorilla beating up a puppy..

  • dmy

    hey AlexThaGR8:
    i met a cousin of yours; cool dude.

  • ChopRoss

    @GregStreet man that’s bs if he can’t afford it then get out of the business, that doesn’t mean rape people for a shoe that retailed for $245 and sell it for $1070 that’s not justifiable by any means. Just like Walters did that crooked crap, WE the consumer MADE that store and they decided to leave us out for some richie big wigs?! That’s bs and if you support that then you support bs and @Alex you sayin the release was smooth cuz you sucked dude off for your pair man cut the BS. That store won’t be around long smh can’t even support your own people, they’re always tryna be cut-throat. Dude sucks as a man and an owner for not keeping his word. Karma will handle it though

  • Look @ my feet

    Im trying to figure out who said they sold for over retail and if so, why did your dumb ass pay it. But it’s ok b/c they do it in bigger cities…HELL NOO!!!..Just like you say no to drugs (well some of us do), say no when you get to the counter. And you are talking about Walters tried that mess, I bet you stayed yo ass in line.
    It’s going to be funny if Nike cuts that exclusive shit off for some of the stores in ATL and sends SUPER HOT releases back to FRESH (Look at the Yeezy). Some of you all would be sick. You said karma homey, be careful what you wish for. Would the owner be wrong if he charged over box price for the best shoe in the world at that time or would you be pissed b/c you had to drive all the time like Middle Georgians do to ATL.
    Face it man, I was there and i didn’t get a shoe. Those people came out and repped for their city. The only people that knew what went on were the people who purchased the shoe. Some store names didn’t appear on the Yeezy release list b/c they knew what they were going to hit them across the head forit was. It’s over, let’s move on. Hell, let’s try and keep obama in office.

  • Mr. Campout

    Bruh, you said some REAL SHHH then. Middle GA, HOT Releases!!! WOW!!! (Yeezys 2,3,4, Year of the Dragons, Concords, Playoffs, etc…) and no store in the A getting them. Niggas from the A would die…We don’t have any celebrities down here(football/basketball players), but I’m sure they would flock like hell. FRESH wouldn’t have to charge over box price, the customers would just give it to them.
    Man that is really something to think about!!! What if the entire Mid GA area wrote Nike and said we love FRESH and they need more exclusives…ha ha

  • Look @ my feet

    CaseKicks- That’s what analogies do, they compare. Yo lame ass probably came down south and stood in line too and didn’t cop a pair. The argument would be more like David and Goliath. You know, David (man) Goliath (beast). Hopefully you’ve read that story. David won though.

    OH FYI…Gorillas tire quicker than puppies. I know, I’m a veterinarian. We’re going to keep this top level and professional though. It’s just shoes and there is too much crime already.

  • Clay

    LOL at the cats blaming the owners of the store…blame Nike! The owner of the stores can’t release the amount of shoes on hand until release day (in which they did) to prevent theft of the product (this is a general rule created by Nike). The guys at Fresh are a couple of hard working brothers, I wish their store great success, no matter what the price of the Yeezy’s were! You’ll need to start pointing the fingers at the right people, not the store, but at Nike who like seeing you roaches scatter for shoes! I put money on the fact that Nike makes money off of eBay and may even be selling shoes on eBay themselves…think about it, every shoe that comes out nowadays is limited!!!

  • ChopRoss

    @look at my feet: my nigga if your monkey ass knew what you were talkin about then you would know they didn’t have a line at Walter’s. I could care less if ATL gets cut off, just like I got all my other kicks it will be the same. One release aint gon change anything. Wow country ass warner robins got the yeezy 2 great. I have the first pair. And you worry about you i’ll wish for whatever I want. It’s one shoe that was released around hype and shitty owners. Call nike enough and they won’t be getting anything. We know how to handle business so if dude store gets anything within the next couple years it’ll be a miracle

  • Look@myfeet

    ChopRoss, if your dumb as knew how to follow the paragraph, no one said anything about a Yeezy line @ Walters. And bruh, who’s focusing on the city or the store, they got a Yeezy and yo country ass drove to WR too probably.

    Like I said, we r going to keep this top level. You look really lame trying to go in on a blog.

  • NewJeruz

    When it’s all said and done, the same people on here complaining will be right back at Fresh on the next limited release. It happens all the time. People swear they won’t mess with and Eastbay no more bc they weren’t able to cop a shoe before it sold out bc of the server crashing and all, but yall asses still logging on at 7:55am waiting for that link to drop. Quit the crying and on to the next one. Never seen so many dudes butt hurt off of one shoe. If you want the shoe that bad, get your money up and buy it. That’s what I did and found a pretty good deal and happy with my pair. S/o to Fresh Sneaker Boutique…thanks for the 50% off deal for those that couldn’t cop Yeezy’s

  • Man everyone know they are crooks he is always sending people emails and texts about his hot shit. And then when u get ready to fuck with him he try to tax you. Everyone that know him knows he sold the shoes ahead of toiyime. It will only get worse on the next release cause he has the attention he want. He doesn’t realize all the people that buy other shit from them that are not big releases want come back. And then how is he going to pay the bills then. When Nike see they only get rid of only exclusive shit they will drop him. I saw the post about any one camping could get them at regular price. What happen with that? If you pay attention it shows u that they don’t know about shoes! When he finally figured out what they had they panic. They figured It was come up time, but those

  • ChopRoss

    Look@myfeet nigga you ain’t the only nigga on the forum so I ain’t just talkin to you country nigga and learn to spell dog. And you right I look lame doin it on a blog so talk to me at sneaker friends July 21st. I’m wit AGS so just come to our table and ask for Chop

  • ChopRoss

    Look@MyFeet get your spelling in check first and last time I checked you weren’t the only person on the forum. Pull ya skirt down. But I’ll agree with you it does look lame on the internet. I’ll be at Sneaker Friends I’m with AtlantaGotSole. Ask for chop and I’ll go in in person.

  • Look @ my feet

    @FucFreshBoutique- I have been to every single release FRESH has hosted and they have never taxed. I was in line the entire time and the only pair i didn’t cop were the Yeezys. But homey, I’m just wondering. If you get texts or e-mails from the store, why won’t you just send them one back and tell them to take you off of their list. Evidently you like to hear what they have b/c u haven’t said anything. And if they tax, why do you pay it? It’s a boutique and if you are a sneaker guy, you know how the game goes if any shoe is sold early anywhere! But you know you can’t get anything early in WR b/c there isn’t a spot that gets all exclusive except for FRESH…Come on man…

    And for them just selling HOT releases, do your research homey. I coach AAU B-ball and I know other coaches in the area including HS, Mid School, they are already discussing the store handling their entire programs.

  • Look @ my feet

    @ChopRoss- spell, come on man, read the blog again…But like i said, we are going to keep this top level. Homey, I promise you if I were in town that weekend, I would love to come to the AGS table and chop it up, but I will be at an event weekend. o good opportunity to come though b/c the atmosphere would great. I’m just trying to figure out sumthin, you know the guys from the bigger city won’t be back for another release, so why the heartache? Plus, if the other stores were selling them for a higher price, why couldn’t they do it. What store would advertse that…come on bruh

  • ChopRoss

    Look@MyFeet- I can’t speak for the rest of the guys, as for me I just didn’t like the lack of telling us what was going on. Let me know upfront the process, if you’re gonna tax, etc. That way I can make the choice to come or not. And most other stores did inform us that they were taxing. That’s why we wasn’t fuckin wit em. But I don’t think any store were should’ve taxed cuz most stores who got the first pairs didn’t.

  • Look@MyFeet why u riding there Nuts? U must be the owner hiding behind the computer. U know what they did was wrong. Come on what the other stores did was not say a price at all. They did, so how can u say it’s cool for them to do that. I don’t care about u coaching, go get one of those schools coaching job then Lame…And of course I know the routine about hard to get shoes, if I wanted to deal with that I would go to eBay not Fresh. And to say he hasn’t taxed on any shoe b4 ask around u will find people who can tell u they do. The whole point is they lied,made people wait for nothing and gave the shoes to out of town big shots that don’t give a fuck about them. Let’s see when Greg Street shout him out or look out. Matter fact u keep waiting in line Square Im good over here.