G-Roc Puts His Yeezy 2’s Through Airport Security

You thought only Kanye and Kim K. has problems going through airport security with Yeezy 2’s on? Well, guess again because it looks like TSG’s head honcho, G-Roc, is going through the same procedure. He was spotted rocking the Black/Solar Red Yeezy 2’s while heading back to ATL from attending the adidas Derrick Rose event in Chi-town. Let’s just hope G-Roc took all the lace tips off before going through the metal detector. Ha!

Disclamer: DO NOT TAKE THIS POST SERIOUS. Who really cares about G-Roc or his Yeezy 2’s? Exactly! It’s an inside joke. Hi, John Kim.

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  • Ha! dope pic!

  • aSh


    TSA AGENT: ” Uuuh sir we are gonna NEED to confiscate those….”

  • Lol! Toooo funny! We gon start seeing G-Roc on mediatakeout.com now lol

  • I’d rock AJ’s if I were in Chi-Town….just sayin. Yes I know Kanye is from the windy city.

  • dj_imperiald

    lol too funny

  • atgbryan

    haha, nice

  • Chevy Boy

    where u get that icy-white tee from? I need one of those…hook me up homie!!! Oh yeah, nice shoes.

  • Chiefblackbear

    G-Roc looking like… “fool get the damn camera out my face!”

  • Security should have destriyed those shoes for being a terrorist hypebeast attack on the sneaker game

  • kp

    Nice!! U telling me..G-Roc didn’t cavity treatment!!! Lol…jkjk..