G-Roc Puts His Yeezy 2′s Through Airport Security

September 14, 2012 | 10

You thought only Kanye and Kim K. has problems going through airport security with Yeezy 2′s on? Well, guess again because it looks like TSG’s head honcho, G-Roc, is going through the same procedure. He was spotted rocking the Black/Solar Red Yeezy 2′s while heading back to ATL from attending the adidas Derrick Rose event in Chi-town. Let’s just hope G-Roc took all the lace tips off before going through the metal detector. Ha!

Disclamer: DO NOT TAKE THIS POST SERIOUS. Who really cares about G-Roc or his Yeezy 2′s? Exactly! It’s an inside joke. Hi, John Kim.

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  1. aSh


    TSA AGENT: ” Uuuh sir we are gonna NEED to confiscate those….”

  2. Lol! Toooo funny! We gon start seeing G-Roc on mediatakeout.com now lol

  3. I’d rock AJ’s if I were in Chi-Town….just sayin. Yes I know Kanye is from the windy city.

  4. dj_imperiald

    lol too funny

  5. atgbryan

    haha, nice

  6. Chevy Boy

    where u get that icy-white tee from? I need one of those…hook me up homie!!! Oh yeah, nice shoes.

  7. Chiefblackbear

    G-Roc looking like… “fool get the damn camera out my face!”

  8. Security should have destriyed those shoes for being a terrorist hypebeast attack on the sneaker game

  9. kp

    Nice!! U telling me..G-Roc didn’t cavity treatment!!! Lol…jkjk..

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