Gerroc Obama For Sneaker President

As President Barack Obama continues his run for another four years, TSG’s own commander-in-chief, Gerroc Obama, is on his own campaign trying to let the good citizens know that TheShoeGame’s 6th Year Anniversary party is near. In case you forgot, it’ll be held at Cascade Skating Rink on October 25th.

For the full details of the party, click here.

Enjoy the first promo video below and be sure to stay tuned for more videos.

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Senior Editor for Twitter: @FootSole_ja & Instagram: @alexthagr8_tsg

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  • Jay

    LMAO!!! One of the most creative promos yet TSG. Hilarious! I can’t wait for the party.

  • solediva86

    made me laugh out loud with the “don’t quote me on that” and “be clear”. sounded just like obama. kind of scary but good job.

  • 23edge


  • Shane D.

    *dead* at this remake of Obama for America.

    You know where you can find me Oct 25th….. and I better win something.

  • Sole Seriouz

    This is going to be the dopest sneaker event this year! But don’t quote me on that. Ha!

  • aSh

    LMAO!!!! U R SOFA KING WE TODD ED!!!! Maaaaan wish I was in ATL on the 25th!!! Have fun ya’ll!!!!!!

  • Bottoms

    LMAO…TSG is back with another one! I’ll be in the building for sho’. Can’t wait for the rest of the promo vids!

  • TrevCesc

    Yo! that’s Premium Pete in the barbershop!! I had to watch this joint twice to make sure…hahaha.

  • KP

    Lol @ Gerroc Obama
    Very creative.

  • phantom10k

    *** Falls on Floor Laughing *** Gerroc Obama wearing AI’s. I’ll be in the building wearing my OG’s #stuntin’

  • Lolol! Toooo funny! Wish I could be there! Yall gonna tear it up!

  • Ahhhh ha ha ha hahah ahahahah!

  • G-Roc you are a fool big homie… Lol last year video was mad funny too… Congrat and good luck.

  • Herb T

    Great Video, U got my vote

  • Dot supreme

    Thank you g roc I pissed myself lmao to funny

  • Mr. Design Junkie

    LOL, funny stuff!

  • Formally Know As Royal Swag

    Hilarious ! If I didn’t live in Cali & in the ATL instead, I would be out here. Have a bunch of fun to everyone that’s going.

  • John B.

    LOLOLOL!! Good stuff G-Roc! I really like that TSG logo with the flag inside it…that should be a tshirt or something!

  • kvegas

    LOL The Gazillion sounding like politicians for real, good stuff G!



  • Mr. Anonymous

    Haha. Hilarious. Good job and congratulations to the whole TSG team for 6 years of success. Thanks for helping us out.