Godzilla Nike Blazer Mid Premium Sample

Godzilla Nike Blazer Mid Premium Sample

We got our first glimpse at the Godzilla vs Charles Barkley Blazers back in April. Today we take a detailed look at the Godzilla Nike Blazer Mid Premium. A reptile pattern dominates the Blazers while hits of black and varsity red add balance to the kicks. Although the Godzilla Blazers are more appealing than the Barkley version, we all know Godzilla doesn’t want to battle Sir Charles on the court. Remember? See the detailed shots for yourself after the jump…

The Godzilla vs Charles Barkley Blazers will drop this Fall.

All props to Snoop80 for the pics. Thanks!

Godzilla Nike Blazer Mid Premium Sample

Godzilla Nike Blazer Mid Premium Sample

Godzilla Nike Blazer Mid Premium Sample

Godzilla Nike Blazer Mid Premium Sample

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  • B_2_sick

    these are nice ( SB mabey?????? )

  • Eric

    I might copp’em.

  • chandler moore

    These should be Sb’s

  • Eric

    Hopefully NOT SB since I don’t skate, even tho there’s tons of peeps that don’t skate and wear SB’s(Pretenders).

  • B_2_sick

    yea i hate the pretenders..i need to skate them ahhhhh hope they drop SB

  • ^^so wut u sayin is, if u don’t skate u can’t or shouldn’t b caught in a pair of SB’s??
    these r fresh, SB or not…i rock SB’s n don’t skate.

  • Scotty Rock

    Not SB.

  • i feel u son cuz i buy what i like and i cop a pair of SB and i dont skate. so that ishhh dont make no sense. LETS GET SOMTHIN STRAIGHT PEOPLE. IF YOUR NOT A SKATER THAT DOES NOT MEAN U CANT WEAR SB. STOP THAT. wut ever happen 2 wear wut u think is hot and fresh. holla bak

  • oh yea and for those that dont wear them bcause ya not skater that shit sounds so gay and childish 4 real man ya need to grow up and let that EGO shit go. 1 holla bak

  • bCuZ-I-CaN

    how are people who rock SB’s and dont skate “pretenders”? if I see dope kickz I’m coppin! I dont care what kinda shoe it is. just because I own Lebrons doesnt mean I have to Be hoopin 2 wear em. and if I cop a dope pair of j’z that only dropped in womens sizes doesn’t mean I’m pretending to be a woman. I’m just saying i doubt most the people that cop SB’s are pretending to be skaters even though they have the kicks on.

  • Sneakers O’Toole

    ya for real…its still nike…i rock J’s and dont play ball.

  • oh yea and for those that dont wear them bcause ya not skater that shit sounds so gay and childish 4 real man ya need to grow up and let that EGO shit go. 1 holla bak…..

  • Sneakers O’Toole

    and why the h3ll would you buy some pricy ass kicks to beat the hell out of skating in…grab some e’s or supras off whiskeymilitia.com for 70% off to skate in…

  • my fellow TSG’ers have spoken…

    B_2_sick & Eric got Diddy’d…TAKE THAT TAKE THAT TAKE THAT!

  • Eric

    Trust me UniteUs, keep on pretendin bro, no skin off my back, ha!

  • Eric

    And to say I got Diddy’d, that be pretty homo, cuz Diddy is homo bro.

  • am jus bustin ya chops, lol, don’t get emotional…
    we good? 🙂

  • damn people are dumb, so people are pretenders if they wear sb’s and don’t skate, so i guess you’re a pretender if you wear baketball shoes and don’t ball or running shoes and don’t run, or walking shoes and you are crippled in a wheel chair, damn pretenders haha

  • Eric

    Exactly atgbryan, I’m not gonna wear ski shoes when I don’t skate bra. C’mon NoW.

  • Eric


  • bCuZ-I-CaN


  • Baby Jordan

    Eric is so lame its really no point in making a point because he to narrow minded he won’t comprehend that people wear shoes for style first the other stuff is secondary now playing ball in some sbs would be lame but everyday wear is just fashion…

  • Baby Jordan

    And diddy is not homo I think a man that had sex with j-lo pretty much as a gay pass for life

  • B_2_sick

    yooo dont twist my word cuzzo the pretenders are those damn hype beast who buy SB’S to buy them….those (PRETENDERS) are the same people who made nike take the fat tounges out the SB’s it might not effect you cuz you dnt skate but as a skater nike cold rick james us….and to everybody else if it didnt apply to you dnt comment

  • tommaso

    these are hot. might cop.
    and yea jus cuz i dnt skate and i wear sb’s (cuz they are hot kicks) doesn’t mean im a pretender/poser

  • Eric

    Get over it.

  • buttas

    Could do without da gumsole…..would be tight if it wuz actually reptile like material…

  • Baby Jordan

    Now that I can understand the effectiveness of the shoe being hampered by the general public, but the eric guy is just a lame he’s a poser somebody probably whupped him into thinking he couldn’t wear sb if he didn’t skate lol

  • Eric

    Get over your pathetic life baby jordan, thats why ur a baby…

  • bCuZ-I-CaN

    how are any words being twisted? “pretenders” was said toward those who where SB’s and dont skate. hypebeast were never mentioned. fat tongue or no fat tongue im coppin a hot shoe regardless. the original point was that just bcuz people wear SB’s doesnt mean they are pretending to be anything. just because you skate i wouldnt expect to see you in SB’s all day everyday, and if thats the case u gotta step ur game up buddy!

  • Baby Jordan

    I’m a grown ass man I jus happen to think mj23 is cooler than the other side of the pillow you lame that’s why your name is eric cause your mother didn’t love you lmao

  • Anyway fools….I thought we was talking bout the kicks, next!

  • I think they go hard I saw a similar shoe prob a sample (somewhere I can’t say of course) It looked the same except the sole was all black. Anyone seen those? I like em’ more though!

  • ccwatitis

    hahah i love all you kids are sitting here arguing over how u dont wear sb’s because you dont skate. have you seen all the sb past releases. you got tiffs, what the dunks, pigeon dunks, the supreme dunk lows and highs. de la highs, three bears and thats only getting started with the dunk collection. you got the blazer shit aswell and some of thoes p-rods. so please, dont go telling us all that you think wearing sb’s are lame if you dont skate…half of those shoes i mentioned are fucking over 300 dollars. really,m thats great what you saying in that u dont wear them,i admire your admiration to actually say that sorta stuff on the internet. buuuttttt your missing out guys because all those sb’s are fucking dope!

    anyway other than that these are horrible. PASS! haha

  • Phat

    I’m a pretender I wear SB’s and I skate. FYI The original DUNK shoe was for basketball.

  • Phat

    I mean’t “I don’t skate”
    It wasn’t me

  • frank

    Blazer = Portland Trail Blazers

    Makes sense? Indeed it does.

    So iight, I wanna see Eric playing basketball while skating at the same time.

    That is only if he wears Blazer Sb’s. Just so we’re all clear that he is not a pretender.


  • samsonite

    People where DC’s and they don’t skate.
    People wear J’s and they don’t ball.

  • These look so much like the Dr. Feel Goods and I copped those but Im not sure about these.

    Selling kicks on eBay.
    Click my name for the link.

  • chas

    yeah okay you wear jay’s.. do u have air like him?? i doubt that, i know plenty of peeps that doesnt skate and wear sb’s better yet other skate shoes

  • Gen Bruh

    hella dumb.if u wear Jay’s then i guess you gotta hoop? haa yeah right i got all type of sneakers braa.i rock tha heat.

  • CallmeDiesel

    There’s only maybe 5 comments about these blazers. Lol.
    These shoes are crazy fresh. Didn’t cop the Dr. Feelgood’s but would definitely try to get these.

  • so you cant rock sbs and not skate??? wtf.. come on.. i dont ball so i cant rock jays?? i dont go running so i cant rock maxs?? oh yeah and i dont cross train so no bos right? wtf kill that noise really.. using that logic you cant rock anything but walking shoes..

    these are dope none the less and im pretty sure these are NOT sbs in any way.. even though i wouldnt mind if they were cause i need my zoom insole

  • airjordanfan4567

    ok i read the comments and u little skater DUDES need to chill people who are in the shoe game and like sb’s they can get them without knowing how to skate if u want to skate so bad in them go ahead mess them up and fall on your ass too while your at it but for those who want to get them just to rock then go ahead

  • +*” AStRO ”*+

    Why dose it matter if they skate or not?
    A shoe is a shoe.
    It’s like saying you get a pair of retro js n you don’t hoop in them.
    But you wouldn’t cuz their to nice n expensive

  • Marcus “Blink” Welch


  • Converse King

    I like these. But I wouldn’t wear them, because you’d have to explain them to people wherever you went.

  • Oz

    i can tell half of yall know nothing about blazer sb’s…

  • ch09

    yea ima cop…. and for the “pretender” thing… come on G u cant hate cus we “(pretenders)” cop most of the SB’s for style and swag purposes and not to skate… so if you wanna call me a pretender then i guess u can i dont skate.. but i still buy SB’s!

  • ch09

    and my man OZ i can agree with you.. yo hit me up on iss if you tryna talk sneaker business!

  • Tommy

    These are straight Fire!!! Must cop two pairs when these drop!~!!