Gold Top 3 Air Jordan 1 Will Release This Month

Not February 2018.

Nike just confirmed the Gold Top 3 Air Jordan 1 High will release at select retailers worldwide November 27.

Looks like this shoe isn’t a ComplexCon exclusive and that our confirmation about the February 2018 release is true. But that’s besides the point.

Peep the retailers list below if you want to add this Jordan 1 to your collection.

Good luck!

Gold Top 3 Air Jordan 1 Release Date

North America

A Ma Maniere: Atlanta

Wish: Atlanta

Bodega: Boston

Concepts International LLC: Boston

Social Status: Charlotte

RSVP LLC: Chicago

St. Alfreds: Chicago

Xhibition: Cleveland

Social Status: Houston

Blends: Los Angeles

Undefeated: Los Angeles

Politics: Lafayette, LA

Feature: Las Vegas

Oneness: Lexington, KY

Shoe Gallery Inc: Miami

Concepts International LLC: New York

Kith Retail LLC: New York and Brooklyn

Nike Lab: New York

Crème: Norfolk, VA

Trophy Room: Orlando

Ubiq: Philadelphia

Social Status: Pittsburgh

The Darkside Initiative LLC: San Francisco

Capsule: Toronto

Livestock: Toronto, Vancouver


Patta: Amsterdam

Oquim: Amsterdam

Si Vas Descalzo: Barcelona

Lmtd Editions: Barcelona

Overkill: Berlin

Kickz: Berlin

Bottega Back Door: Bologna

Concepts: Dubai

Jordan Dubai: Dubai

290 SQM: Instanbul

Foot Patrol: London

Sneakers N Stuff: London

Si Vas Descalzo: Madrid

One Block Down: Mìlan

BSTN: Munich

End Clothing: Newcastle

Bastille: Paris

Shinzo: Paris

Opium: Paris

Sneakers N Stuff: Stockholm

Titolo: Zurich

Greater China

Deal: Beijing

Yaxin: Beijing

Jordan Beijing The Place: Beijing, The Place

Jordan 1 Hongxing: Chengdu, Hongxing

Jordan Guangzhou 218 Tianhe: Guangzhou, Parc Central

XH55: Guanzhaou

8 Wellington: Hong Kong, Wellington

WZK: Shanghai

DOE: Shanghai

Jordan 139 Nan Dong: Shanghai, Zhongyang

Phantaci: Taipei

Jordan 16 Songgao: Taipei, Songgao

Jordan Taipei Ximenting: Taipei, Ximenting

Asia Pacific/Latin America

Titan: Philippines, Fort

Lust: Mexico City

Supply: Sydney

Jordan Hongdae: Seoul

Kinetics (Tokyo 23): Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

Sports Lab Shinjuku: Shinjuku, Tokyo

Sports Lab Shinsaibashi: Osaka

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  • DJR

    Jordan Brand said you thought L season was over when the Off Whites released? Nah take another one. I was wondering why the resell prices on these were dropping. Would love to get these for retail but I know that it probably won’t happen but I’m gonna try to cop.

  • theloverswineverytime

    Just had to laugh when i seen Ubiq-phi on this list. Yeah they’ll have 30 prs but only sell 12 to the public.

  • javi

    You wouldn’t have to worry about that if you’d learn how to control your thirst?

  • Han Lee

    Same thing can be said bout a ma maniere in Atlanta…bunch of hypebeast employees who look out for their own

  • theloverswineverytime

    I mean, if i worked in a shoe store like that, and could help out a homie…ONE homie per release…i would. But thats it. I just hate the deliberate misdirection with release info that eventually leads to folks missing out on a shoe that they would legit put right on their feet the next day after the copp.

  • javi

    Calm down hypebeast in the end it ain’t that serious. Get a fucking life?

  • Solegleaux

    Then you see the problem. More than one person works in that store, looking to hook up “one” friend

  • theloverswineverytime

    Yeah, i get it. I actually dont mind a few off the top. But if you gettin 30 prs, keep that info within the store’s walls and be transparent about the rest of the release; like, dont be LYING about it being fcfs when its a raffle release….or LYING about your shipment not getting there, tal’m bout…”we’ll update on a new drop date when out shipment arrives”…but then never say shit again about it nor answer any further inquiries about it but find out a day or two later that they all-o-sudden sold out.

  • Solegleaux

    Sounds like you’re speaking from experience lol. I’ll just hope the Top 3s get into my home somehow. Fuck Off-White, I only really dig the Chucks anyway ?

  • 10 bruh…they’ll only sell 10 to the public…if even that smfh

  • I just wanna put Trophy room on the radar for being SUPER WACK. same situation a bunch of hypebeast giving away sneakers. first off why is MARCUS JORDAN’S online store using shopify? i mean come on. I use shopify for my my clothing line (yes a plug) but im a nobody. second the site has a “prerelease” 15 minutes before where if you have a code you can login and shop early. REALLY? im guessing everyone and they mama who shops there locally has the code. THANKS MARCUS. real help you are.