Got Em! How You Ever Purchased Fake Sneakers?

Let’s talk about it.

My mans and King of the Internets, Dallas Penn, is a firm believer that every sneakerhead has copped a pair of fakes at some point in their life. To be clear, his argument is not that people copped knowing they were fakes, but instead they got caught slipping.

That’s fair, and I’m sure it has happened to a lot of people before. Perhaps the seller lied about authenticity or maybe you just didn’t have enough education to determine if the shoe was real or fake.

Once you got the shoes, did you know they were fake off the rip? Did you have to get a legit check? Maybe you rocked them and a friend had to inform you of the bad news.

I’m sure there are more possibilities as to how someone could get got with fakes.

Have you ever been burned with fakes? If so, what’s your story? Were you able to get a refund or did you have to chalk it up as a valuable lesson?

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  • And I totally forgot to mention current day where sometimes it’s so hard to tell the difference between real and fake. Counterfeit folks are getting good!

    As for me, back in the day – like 2001-ish I copped some ultra fake Jordan 11s off one of those fake sites. My cousin and I thought we had found a hidden treasure with all the different colors of Jordan 11s.

    I shake my head now because there were soooooo many red flags pointing to the fact the shoes were not real. All I can do is laugh at myself now. I was young and clearly not educated on sneakers. You couldn’t tell me nothing at the time. Hella people used to stop us asking where we got them from. lol

    I used to keep that info to myself because the sneaker community is not always the nicest, but man I don’t care anymore. Too old to care. It really happened.

    Moreover, I’m proud to say that was my ONLY encounter with fakes. Blessed!

    It’s shady in the field so be careful. Folks getting got left and right nowadays. People who have been into shoes for years can’t even tell sometimes.

    I feel like if you have to ask, you probably should just pass and cop from a trusted business or someone you trust.

  • PsychadelicSavage

    I was a kid, maybe 14 or so. My step-pops swore he had the connect down at the barber shop. He grabbed be a pair of all white AF1s wore them once, and knew. Never again

  • Never again. lol. I’m sure that happens all the time but will people be honest tho?

    Thanks for sharing!

  • Purple flame

    I got caught slipping with a pair of the blue human being nmds on eBay. The guy had a receipt and the whole nine. The price wasn’t a fake price either I paid close to $600. Then I watched a fake vs real on YouTube and I could’ve cried. I had the outfit and all, but I gracefully bowed my head and sent them back and never tried to buy another pair.

  • curt diggler


  • YallStillMad LeBron’Em Won

    Nope. Not as far as i know. I always grabbed my joints from a regular retailer. Never from off the street or from some mysterious online spot.

  • DJR

    I bought a pair of 2000 Olympic 6s from eBay. I knew right away they were fake when I received them because the Jumpman color on the back was wrong. The seller initially tried to push back but I eventually got my refund. Also I have a cousin that use to sell fakes. I felt bad because he was in jail for awhile and when he got out was trying to do something legal. I tried to tell him they were fakes he was selling but he just didn’t get it man. I also had another cousin that would hoop in fake J’s. Me being known as the sneaker guy I felt bad I did tell him they were fake but he just didn’t care. It made me kinda mad too because every time he hooped with me, people who knew about kicks would say damn man wassup with your cousins kicks. My only response was he just don’t care.

  • javi

    Stop it hype! You know your main source to quench your sneaker thirst is your resell connect lol

  • sirfresh

    Wee bey the number 1 shooter never snitched lol.

  • Waaaaaay before Air Randy lol

  • Solid!

  • Rare! I thought we’ve all copped from a reseller/site before.

  • Cinematic Taylor

    Did it once but before customs got hip Lol Smh early 2000s

  • Craig Phillips

    I got my lesson of an ebay buy. I should have know by price cause it was like $75, lightly worn. Air Jordan Metallic 5’s about 5 or 6 years ago. They were close though but I finally figured it out by product number and manufacture date. I told my girl to sell them on ebay and try to recoup the $$. She said she did but knowing her she probably tossed them and just gave me the $75.

  • aSh

    White and Red Jordan XVII’s…. Bought them online and when I got them I knew right away they were fake.. Rocked them a few times but I just couldn’t do it so I donated them… Still want that pair 🙁

  • Viktor Von Doom

    Till now, never bought a fake (me lucky bastard). Got a fake og red for free as a gift. This Chinese dude i know was given them away, he had like 10 pairs and only those who know how the og looks can tell they are fake. Funny how he got them, a container was confiscated by Nike Benelux (Belgium) and some of the employees stole some before the shipment was destroyed

  • Biga173rd

    That shit happen to me one time back in 2003 and I knew it was too good to be true. My cousin sold me a Fugazi pair of french blue 7’s for $75. The shoes were clean and nice tumble on the leather. But once I put them on for a night of chillen almost all the paint came off on midsole and medial side. I was like wtf? I knew the shoes were too good to be true because he sold them to me in a orange nike box I was tight. I return those hoes the next day and demanded my money back. Thank God he didn’t even flinch because if he told me they were real we would have had a major problem. Luckily for me the follow month a store had em in stock and on sale and got the real deal right after. This was the only time I got caught wearing fakes never again.

  • Biga173rd

    Shit not bad no loss taken I would have balled in them hoes.

  • Viktor Von Doom

    Lol, you should see ‘m now, used them for painting my house and that of a friend of mine, they are my ”working in the house shoes now” and totaly f*cked-up

  • javi

    Don’t believe this guy. He’s lying out of his ass?

  • SpecDotSign

    Got burned on a pair of Olympic Air Force ones. The one with the silver toe box back in High School. I was just getting serious into sneakers so I didn’t know any better. Paid $40 so I thought I was getting a steal. A few years later I had done some research on em and realized I had a pair of fakes on my hands. lol.

  • $weet rigo

    Nah it’s retail from a legit store or nothing

  • Executive T.W.A.M.B.

    Once and it was SO FUCKED UP that I knew they were fake immediately as the mail lady was handing me the tiny ass box!!!!!!! I wear a 13 and this box had to be a size 9?????????????????

  • Executive T.W.A.M.B.

    Them tinfoil looking 11’s for $64.99.

  • Creep

    Some guy got me on ebay a while back with a pair of the NYC Roshe runs (polka dot). They’re dead ringers tbh. The Chinese card was left on top.

    PayPal got me my bread back and dude let me keep the kicks. I can honestly say that I never wore them. Shits in a box somewhere buried

  • El Fenomeno

    around ’06 when i was getting serious about my dunk game (sneaker game as a whole) i won a pair of astroboy dunks on ebay lol. i did research after I won and the seller was mad that I wouldnt pay for them, then I got banned for my first and only time on ebay. i was a dumbass 15 year old lol. astro boy shit was a good concept tho lol

  • El Fenomeno

    and i almost bought shit from, fam I had no clue on how that janky ass money order system worked with that dude from china.

  • El Fenomeno

    Hidden Treasure LMAO, what was the site called?

  • David N

    Nah, but I purchased B, maybe C grades before. The coughdrop foams. Twice.

  • sirfresh

    Yo that’s crazy

  • sirfresh

    So in the south we have flea markets if you don’t know any better you will cop Jordan’s for the low. I remember they had some dub zeros with spongebob on laser I can’t make this up. The end

  • Lol man for real, we were young and happy to have “exclusives” lmao

    It was a Japanese name. Something with a T. Presentation was on point and everything. We really thought we had found something special.

  • I can’t remember but I think we paid $100-$110. smh

  • Executive T.W.A.M.B.

    Lol! I got burned for $280.

  • Cody

    mist blue 4s off ebay

  • Nope. Can’t say I have but I have legit checked plenty of kicks for people in the past. So many people have been got. I used to review fake vs real kicks on YouTube so know where to look and what to look for. When I sold huas for a short stint one summer I’ll never forget this one kid who was drilling me for more pics, details on tags, receipts etc and just as I’m growing impatient and wondering what his deal was he tells me this is his third attempt at a triple black hua, both pairs prior were fake. A third fake would crush him. He finally got that 100% authentic hua.

    When I reviewed runners the comments of people just not knowing the types of runners that are repped was insane.

    While reps have gotten better there is almost always a giveaway but the 1:1 will catch most people at the end of the day even seasoned “heads” or those that claim to be. Best protection is to know your models inside and out, make sure all product numbers (box and shoe) match up and use a little common sense. Real Pharrell NMD HU aren’t $64.00 -$79.99 shipped and oh look…they conveniently have a full size run while on eBay/Stock X/Kixify/GOAT etc. some CW’s are $699 – $1250. C’mon man.

  • YallStillMad LeBron’Em Won

    i guess that was a long time ago. But if a MF wanna be askin about my cousin’s kicks, ida told them “Oh, i don’t know…maybe you can ask HIM ya’self…”

  • YallStillMad LeBron’Em Won

    Oh yeah i copped from a consignment shop (well, same shit..right lol…). Thats where i grabbed the first release of the coppers for over the original retail. Now those mighta, coulda been fake, lol. Like i said, nothing that i KNOW of. But I’ve worn em enough over the years to where i think I’m aight since they’ve held up.

  • sharpie

    eBay got me twice but both times were for running shoes(air maxes, ultra boosts.) It’s frightening how good these bootleggers are getting to the real thing because performance wise they felt like the real thing.

  • sharpie

    Got burned by dragon kicks lol

  • Executive T.W.A.M.B.


  • javi


  • javi

    Calm down terrorist ?

  • Got back in because of fakes.

    After I left college and began my life as an adult; collecting shoes as a hobby or really caring about them being anything more than something used for a specific purpose – was completely dead. Discussing a new air jordan etc. was no different than mentioning last night’s game…

    Then one day during the invisible AF1 era, my lifelong bro sends me a link to a website where we can finally buy EVERYTHING we missed growing up and perhaps make a buck selling them off… We started live chatting with “Ms. Ang” and she was so sweet…. hahaha…. Long story short, we split a $7-800 order and after the boxes finally arrived… it was IMMEDIATELY apparent everything was counterfeit. The smell, the box, the quality, the sizing… ALL OF IT was trash… (except for the Marvel Comics Bapes lol)

    Was able to unload most of it locally but that specific situation got me back into shopping for popular sneakers again and/or out of hibernation. I ran into SB’s soon after this and it was game over – savage mode.

  • Damn. I would’ve been tight. Thanks for sharing your story.

  • Good to hear you’ve never got got before. Salute!

  • I’m sure eBay is one of the most popular sites for people getting caught up. Sellers using real photos and sending fake shoes, etc.

    Lol your girl was like F all that. Here you go!

  • Lmao at your family. Shouts to your first cousin for trying to have a legit hustle. Hell, I can’t judge him because I used to sell bootleg CD, VHS, and DVDs. As for your other cousin, if he didn’t care that’s on him.

    I feel you on your rep tho. Your cousin out here making you look weak lol

  • momodrew

    I wanted turtle doves real bad and
    bought “fakes” being completely aware – they’re legit the same as my real pirate blacks and moonrocks purchased from adidas and I’m not ashamed of it


    2011 on eBay for a pair of cool grey 3’s SMDH they posted authentic pics. Soon as they came I knew, one bloated and one anorexic jumpman ???

  • Jay

    I cant lie I made good money at flea markets back in the day.

  • Jay

    Never bought fakes, but sold them for a few months when I separated from the military in 08, and needed to make some money. I made had some connects in China and Korea who would send me 200-300 piece orders for dirt cheap. What I found out is most people don’t care if it’s fake. It’s the same as cats buying those fake iced out Geneva watches from the middle of the mall in the late 90s early 2000s. Selling fakes helped me to stay away from buying any because it showed me exactly what to look for.

  • Not that I’m aware of. I used to make real vs fake vids and have helped people legit check their kicks so that has greatly helped in being able to more easily spot red flags. I also try and limit my interaction with resellers but there are still lots of trusted folks out there.

  • curt diggler

    I got a homie that did 3yrs for robbing the bootleg js dude back in
    I always buy from retailers so I don’t think of the fakes business.

  • Biga173rd

    Oh anytime I was super tight but I’m glad my cousin came to his senses after he realize he was selling me fugazi. By the way he is not a sneaker head lol.

  • YallStillMad LeBron’Em Won

    Like, if the materials and details in craftsmanship are legitimate mirror-mirror to the “real” joints, then hey…i ain’t mad at cha.